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Reader POV
Locking the door to my small house I put the key away in my dark blue sweatpants the outfit being completed with a matching oversized sweater and a black shirt underneath.

I walked down a few streets to get to my destined area, the gas station. Having cheap food there was benefiting for most people. Walking outside happily with my newly bought pack of ramen.

Walking down a few houses I was about to walk past an alleyway when I felt a pair of hands clutch my hoodie and drag me in.

I dropped my bag near the exit and fell on my butt. I looked up to see...oh no.
It was the fucking creditor I met a few hours ago. I told the man I was gonna pay the debt and he let me off with another week.

I noticed four men behind him two on each side. He signaled them to hold me down. One of the men trying to hold down one of my arms I swiftly gave him a punch to the nose while another man tried to hold down my leg to which I gave him a kick to the gut.

After both men recovered they grabbed onto my limbs with the help of the other two men managed to hold me down so their boss can beat the living shit out of me most likely.

Still struggling against all the hands clutching onto my limbs. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach.
Groaning in pain as the boss punched my face.
"Where is the fucking money!" The boss shouted in anger.
"You gave me a week you dumbass! Its barely been a fucking day!" I yelled back gasping in pain while my blood dripped onto the pavement.

Consistently giving me several kicks to my gut. I felt the blood continuously trickle down my neck and stomach. The red liquid kissing the ground. The boss signaled his minions to let me go. "It better be played next week or I'll do worse than that." The minions throwing me to the ground as if I was just a mere piece of trash. The boss and minions exiting the alleyway. Laying on the pavement trying to catch my breath from all the beating I had just endured.

I raised the collar of my shirt to pat clean the blood on my face. Wincing whenever I touched the now forming bruise on my cheek. Struggling to stand up properly I leaned all my weight against the wall I was previously beaten next to.

I slowly walked to the exit of the alleyway careful to not touch any of my new wounds. I grabbed my bag looking around to see if any of his minions stayed backI continued my way to the little building I called home.


Opening the door I was greeted with my small bed with a small bathroom and desk.
Even tho it wasn't much it was enough shelter to keep me safe from those creditors finding me.

Since my dumbass father died all the gambling debt he owed to people was now put onto my shoulders.
Luckily it wasn't a shit ton of money but I was still struggling as I needed to provide for myself as well as paying for this small house.

Setting down the bag onto the desk. I carefully set myself to sit at the edge of my bed I leaned down making my hand reach for a box underneath.
The white box being opened to reveal bandages with disinfectant and more for my crying red cuts and bruises.

Undressing myself until I was only in my undergarments I grabbed a towel and set it below me. Then grabbing a rag I set it between my teeth as I grabbed the disinfectant. Ready to dropped the liquid contained inside. I bit down on the rag and poured the disinfectant all over stomach.

My screaming being muffled by the rag while tears continuously leaked down and pricked my face. Cleaning up everything after I recovered from the pain I set bandages over the cut and bruises put on another outfit exactly like the outfit before just now clean.

Dressing myself I set myself to bed hoping that tomorrow no creditor will recognise me.

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