Beach and Ice Cream

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It's 7am today and it's a sunny day. It's the First day of summer and I'm going to make something out of it. I'm not really the morning person at times but since I live right next to the beach I'm going to go longboard. My parents are still asleep so I'll try not to make as much noise. I put on a pair of shorts a crop top and some vans. I head out and ride.

"Maia?" A familiar voice called
"Ross!?" I said
"Where are you inviting me too?" He laughed
"The beach want to come" I told him
"Sure let me get my skates"
He ran in and came back quick
"Okay let's go" we both got there and skated

"I didn't know you had a longboard" ross said
"I didn't you had skates" I giggled
"There's a lot of things you don't know about me but we could change that you know" he smiled
"How?" I said
"Well we can become friends and then be best friends" he said
"You want to be my best friend?" I smiled
"Yeah" he shook his head
"Okay tell me everything about yourself and I'll tell you things about me" I told him
"My favorite color is yellow I like to surf and sing I'm 17 my birthday is on December 29 and yeah pretty much"
He said
"Okay then I'm 16 my birthday is on Aug 18 I like to play guitar and act sometimes" I said
"An actress cool want to know a secret best friend" Ross smiled
"Sure best friend" I laughed
"I like to act too" Ross said
"That's a secret?" I smirked
"I guess it is" Ross got back up and pulled my up
"Well since we are best friends now let's go do what best friends do" I pulled Ross and we headed to the beach

Ross and I walked in the water and we had a lot of fun. He was one of the coolest guys ever. I kind of have a tiny crush on him if you wanna say. Maia you are in a whole lot of trouble stop you have a boyfriend!!

"Ross want to go get ice cream?" I said
"Sure lets go"

We got to the ice cream place and picked out our ice cream flavors and right when I turned I saw Arch.


Fucking great. This is just amazing why is he here!

"Arch?! Hey" Maia said getting closer to him
"Why are you two hanging out?" Arch got mad
"Because.." Maia said
"Because we are best friends that's why" I cut Maia off
"Well she's my girl Ross so back off" Archer mad dogged me
"Well you see I never knew who your girl was" I said. Archer is a damn player. Plays with every girl but Maia just won't see it.
"You two know each other?" Maia asked
"He's my friend" I said
"Close friends right Ross!" Archer faked smiled at Maia
"Babe lets go" He said
"But uhm I'm here with" she said
"It's okay Maia. Slide the window later" I told her. She understood the inside joke and smiled back.

Well at least she agreed we are friends that counts. But I have to see that jerk tomorrow in my house and I can't kick him out. Tomorrow I'll just say hi to Maia and go in the garage to play my guitar or something. The least thing I want to do is talk to him again. And it's funny how he used to be my 'best friend'.

I went out of the ice cream shop and got my skates. Maia had left her board so I'll just give it to her later.

I headed home and went into the living room.
"Ross where were you? It's 10 in the morning and you just show up now!" Rydel said giving me an attitude
"Hey isn't that what mom would say?" I laughed
"Mom isn't here and I'm the only girl here so I'm in charge" she smirked
"I was with Maia at the beach" I said changing the channel
"Maia?! She has a boyfriend" she said pushing me
"One who plays every girl" I said
"What!" She yelled
"Shut up and don't tell her I told him I wouldn't tell so shut up!!" I said to Rydel
"Are you serious or are you lying because you like her?" Rydel said
"What! No I don't like her" I lied
"Oh come on Ross I saw you talking to her last night" she said
"Outside in the front" she said
"Well we are just friends now go on and get stuff ready for the party" I said pushing her away
"Aren't you going to help?" She said
"No because I'm not going!" I went back to the living room
"Because of Maia?" She laughed
"Rydel!! Shut up" I yelled

I'm not going because if I see Archer I'm going to punch him in the face.

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