S2 Chapter 12: Evil Dungeon! The Snake Pit!!

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*The plane flew in the clouds towards Mexico as everyone on the plane was getting ready for what they were about to face, Wakiya and Boa were also with them but they weren't gonna be battling.. Boa didn't want to be involved with any conflict with the Snake Pit and Wakiya still had not repaired and evolved his new Wyvern yet. Athena was fast asleep as the Legends were having a pretty serious conversation*

Wakiya: Back in the days where Shu went through his Red Eye phase, we encountered him BEFORE we had entered the Snake Pit temple. If this plays out just like that, then Lane will probably be waiting there for us.

Rantaro: You think it might be a trap?

Valt: It's possible, the Snake Pit has been silent for 4 years now. If they wanted to improve their defenses and protocol then they've had plenty of time to do it.

Shu: He's not wrong. But if Lane IS waiting for us, then does that mean that they know we're coming?

Wakiya: It's possible but it's not possible that they know we're coming.

Aiga: Maybe Athena and Lanes "connection" is probably what told them we're on our way?

Wakiya: Well the thing is, we don't even know how Athena and Lanes connection even works. We all know and love Athena but we don't know their bond works, i dare say it is more mysterious than the Snake Pit.

Boa: When i was a member at the Snake Pit, Ashtem had an platoon of Bladers that used exact copies of your beys. I feel like he'll have those guys ready.

Rantaro: I hated that. Battling and losing to an inferior Ragnaruk left a bad taste in my mouth, thankfully i got my revenge in the World League!

Valt: Don't forget you almost died.

Boa: The bladers who lose get ejected from the HQ and they are forbidden to return again, Shu was the only exception as Ashtem had other plans for him.

Shu: Yeah, it was the Requiem Project, That was how Spriggan Requiem was created. And now Ashtem has started Project: Shadow which is probably how Lane made Emperor Lucifer.

Rantaro: So Ashtems projects can manufacture beys?

Shu: To an extent yes, it really depends on what the project is being used for at the particular moment.

*Athena finally woke up and the plane was finally above the jungle of Mexico, as it approached the city of Mexico*

Athena: Hey, didn't you say earlier that the Snake Pit HQ was in the jungle.

Wakiya: Yes but unfortunately we can't land directly in the jungle so we'll have to land at the airport and travel the rest of the way on foot.

*the plane touched down on the runway as the plane began to come to a complete stop. The bladers get out of the plane and they immediately head to the entrance of the forest, Wakiya and Boa stayed behind on the plane. The team walked through the forest and they get to the zipline that they had crossed all those years ago*

Rantaro: Thank god Wakiya isn't here to see this, looks like its gotten even deeper since we've been here.

*Everyone gets on the zipline and they all slide down to the other side, the Snake Pit HQ was just up ahead. After about 20 or so minutes of walking, the Snake Pit was finally in view*

Athena: This is it, this is the place!

*Everyone started walking towards the place but they all saw a figure on the peak of the fortress, it was Lane..*

Athena: Lane..

*Lane began to walk down the pyramid as a stadium began to come out of the ground. Lane finally reached the ground and stood at the stadium with Athena. Lane said nothing as he held up his Emperor Lucifer. Athena looked in a bit of surprise as she held up her bey too*

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