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𝐕𝐈𝐈𝐈: 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧-𝐘𝐞𝐨𝐥

I laid silently in bed once it hit lights off. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop; the silence was unnerving. I brought the blanket to my chin, trying to get more comfortable. But it was no use.

Everyone knew sometbing was going to happen tonight, and it was until all a matter of time. And it wasn't me who I was worried about, it was Sae-byeok.

Like number 456 said, she was on terrible terms with 101, so it's likely that he'd go after her.

I frowned before a loud scream shot me out of bed. I frantically looked around as I saw others sitting up too. Sae-byeok didn't seem unnerved as she also looked down below, to find the source of sound.

The screams didn't stop, as other people started to panic; I being one of them. In seconds the silent room was filled with yells and screams of agony, as beds were pushed over, and others were terribly beaten.

Sae-byeok quickly grabbed my arms, dragging me down the stairs. "We can't stay up there, it's too dangerous." Lights started to flicker rapidly, and I squinted my eyes in pain.

"We should go over to 456's bed, it's safe over there." I frantically said and she nodded her head. We quickly started to head over to his bed as people continued to beat each other bloody.

My movement however came to a halt when I felt a hand tightly wrapped around my hair. I let out a groan as my back was met with the hard floor. I quickly sat up and saw that Sae-byeok was no longer around me anymore.

Where did she go?

I looked up to see Chan-yeol staring down at me with a smirk on his face, before quickly getting back on my feet. I stumbled back from him, knowing he'd feel no shame in killing me tonight.

"I told you I'd make you pay didn't I?" He sneered at me, and I knew talking back would only make my situation worse, so I pressed my mouth into a thin line. "There's no one here to help you, and I know you won't ever pay up, so why not get some fun out of you?"

He shot his hand out and pushed my against a beds' pole, before he wrapped his fingers around my throat. I silently thrashed, clawing at his hands as I heard him laugh.

It felt like I was underwater. My senses were hazy and every sound I heard sounded like it was being heard from a room over.

In a spur of the moment, I quickly brought my knee up and it met with his ribs, as he tumbled over, his hands unlacing with my throat. I dropped to the floor, scraping against my throat as I tried to get large gulps of air at once. "You bitch." My voice was hoarse and scratchy, as I continued to cough.

He slowly stood up, and I quickly followed suit.

"I'll kill you!" He yelled before we both hit the ground. In seconds he was on top of me, throwing a fist to my cheek. I let out a loud yell, as I used all my strength to push Chan-yeol off of me, but to no avail.

"Get off of me!" I yelled, as I pushed my hands against his face, before digging my nails into skin and dragging down. One hand of his once again found it's way around my throat, as he began to harshly squeeze.

With all the strength I had left in my body, I flung my fist back and hit his cheek, and pushed him off of me. I stumbled to my feet, and from across the room I could see Sae-byeok running towards me, face slightly bloody.

I also began to run, jumping and nearly tripping over bodies. "Sae-byeok." I whispered as I felt my bottom lip begin to tremble.

When we were close enough, I quickly jumped into her embrace, clinging tightly on to her; afraid that if I let go Chan-yeol would be after me again. "Did he hurt you?" She breathed out, rubbing against my back.

"No, I'm fine." I lied, removed my head from her shoulder. "Liar." She whispered out, before her fingers went to the bruises on my neck. Before I could say anything else, she was dragging me towards 456's bed, where him and 2 other men sat together. Where was the old man?

"You guys came." He said, and I nodded my head. "You told us to."

199 started to look around, before turning to the other men. "Where's the old man?" He asked, as Sae-byeok and I continued to silently watch.

"Sir? Sir! Where are you?" They all started to yell. They began to frantically search for the old man when they saw his bloody bed. My lips turned into a frown. "I hope he's okay." I whispered under my breath.

101 then came up to our group, and I slowly scooted to cover Sae-byeok slightly with my body. "Don't get involved!" He yelled at 456, as he tried getting to Sae-byeok. I was glad to see everyone trying to defend her.

"She's apart of our group now." 456 said, and 101 looked as though he was ready to explode.

Suddenly, all of our attention was stolen. There was the old man, standing on one of the still standing highest bunk beds. "What is he doing?" I heard Sae-byeok mumble under heat breath.

"Please stop! I'm scared!" He yelled, and soon everyone in the room started to look at him. "If we keep this up, we'll all die!" He continued to beg for everyone to stop, before the doors opened.  

Gun shots were heard as one of the masked people fired to the ceiling, Sae-byeok pushing me to get down. They began to file in the room and a few came up to our area in the corner of the room.

They instructed us to put our hands behind our head before patting us down, and I saw Sae-byeok glance at me and the masked person when they started to pat me down.

As 101 was being pat down, one of the masked people slipped a hand in his pocket and pulling out a pocket knife. I gasped before glancing at Sae-byeok who had a ghost of a smirk lingering on her face.

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