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Date: Sunday

Emily's POV

I woke up to a slam at the front door. Ugh I don't wanna get up, it was getting colder outside as it is August. I am currently faced-down on my pillow, I look to my left and my alarm clock shows that it was 10:06 in the morning... Wow I slept for 10 hours which means my throat was dry again. But of course, Ms. Anderson knows that. That's why there's a bottle of water next to my alarm clock. Hehe. I got up and did my morning routine: do my business, wash my face, brush my teeth, comb my hair, then drink my water bottle while going downstairs.

As I was outside the kitchen door, I can hear Ms. Anderson putting away the groceries and Joe's feet going back and forth from the car to the kitchen to drop off the groceries. "Good Morning Ms. Anderson, Joe." I greeted them with a smile. Everything got quiet and they stopped whatever they were doing to give me an odd look. I smelled an omelette, my breakfast was already set on the bar/counter. I sat down, ignoring their confused looks. "Oh yeah, Joe, before I forget, dress casually in jeans and shirt, you have to drive me somewhere," I stated without looking up from my scrumptious omelette. Gosh, I have the best nanny.

After breakfast, I went to my bedroom to change. I grabbed a flower print shirt and a dark jean and put on a light eyeliner and mascara to make my face look more awake. I looked over myself in my bathroom mirror one more time and smiled at it. I grabbed my phone with a wallet case and ran downstairs. "You ready Joe?" I screamed, while putting on my high-top converse. My phone rings, "Hello?" "I'm waiting in the car outside," it was Joe. I ran outside and got in the passenger seat and looked him over. He was still wearing his slacks and button up white dress shirt. "Drive to the mall, we have got to get you casual clothes," I said shaking my head.

We arrived at the mall and went into Express, I've already asked him his size so I went and grabbed a few dark jeans and short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. I pushed him in a cubicle to change and said to pick a few he liked. As I got restless waiting, I went in search for gifts of some sort for Dina and Corey. Yea, I was going to visit them again today to return the borrowed clothes. Corey looks to be around 4-6 year-old so I'm assuming she's in preschool or elementary. I walked in an accessory store and looked around. I got a matching hat and scarf for Corey and an open hearts necklace for Dina. Gosh, I hope they like it. My phone rang, must be Joe. "Are you finished?" I asked. "Okay, I'll meet you at the car," I replied and turned off my phone to go back to the car.

I gave Joe the direction to the Wren's house, but asked him to drop me off a block away at a corner, so that they don't see the car. Also, to park his car near here when I call him. I put on a thin black cardigan and grabbed my bags and walked out. It's almost 6 in the afternoon, so the sky was getting darker and the air getting colder. I walked up the hill to their house while hugging myself. Dang it, I should have worn something warmer. I knocked at their door, I can hear running inside and then Corey's head peeking out from the side window. The door is swing opened with Corey smiling. "Hi bootiful," she greeted, opening the door wider for me to come in. Bootiful? Is that my name? How cute. "Hi Corey, is your mom home?" I asked after closing the door. "Nope, she down washing," she replied in her cute broken language. "Are you alone? Where's your brother?" I asked worriedly. "Mm hmm. He work coffee," she nodded her head and sat down on the couch. Since we were alone, I might as well give her her gift now. "Hey Corey, I want to give you a gift for letting me sleep here the other night," I sat down and extending my hands with her gift towards her. She smiled big and said, "Thank you! Can open now?" I nodded my head giving her the answer she wanted as she dug into the bag happily. Her eyes lit up and widen as big as a button, "Prettttyyy, thank you," she exclaimed while getting on my lap and giving me the biggest hug. I smiled, glad I put that smile on her face.

At that time, the front door opened with an "Dina, Corey, I'm..." He didn't finish his sentence as he stood at the doorway and stared at me with open mouth. "..home," he finished, closing the door. Corey got up and ran to him, he picked her up in his arms and gave her a forehead kiss. First thing I noticed about him is that he's super tall and has the most soothing, chocolaty brown eyes, he looked over 6 feet tall, he's got broad shoulders, strong arms, sturdy body, and long legs. He does not look like a high school student. I stood up awkwardly by the couch and faced them. Corey pointed her finger at me and said, "Bootiful here." "I see that," he said looking at me intently. Is there something on my face? Why is it getting hot in here? What is this feeling? "Hey, I mean, hi, I'm Emily," I said nervously. "I'm Dylan, nice to meet you with all your clothes on," he replied still staring intently. "Yeah, sorry about the other night and thank you for letting me stay and letting me borrow your clothes, I brought it back. I washed and folded it myself, and now I'm gonna stop talking cause I'm rambling," I slowed down and handed him the bag of borrow clothes. Gosh, that was so embarrassing. The door opened again, this time Dina came home. Thank goodness. "Oh, Emily, you came back. I thought you weren't going to come back. Welcome, welcome," she said tiredly while hugging me. "Dylan, go and put away the laundry." "Yes, Dina," he said carrying the bin of folded clothes and left to go put them away. Why doesn't he call Dina mom?

Corey pulled her mom to sit on the couch and showed her the hat and scarf I got her. Dina looked at me with gratitude in her eyes. I handed her the necklace. She gasped and looked up at me shocked, "Wow, it's beautiful. I can't accept this. It's too much," she tried to return it to me. "It's a gift for letting me stay here and taking care of me. There's not that many people who doesn't know me that would do that so thank you," I explained. "I can't, I still would have done the same to anyone. Please, this must have been expensive," she rebutted my explanation. "How about if you cook dinner and I stay to eat? Would you feel better about the gift?" I asked hopefully. She thought about it for a few seconds and nodded her head. We hugged each other and went into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and wrote down some ingredients and called Dylan. "I need you and Emily to go to the market to get these ingredients," she said handing him the list and money. Wait? What?! Me? Dylan and me? Why me? I looked up at him shocked, he was already wearing the same expression. Oh Gosh.


Words: 1293

Question: Have you guys seen Roommate Season 1?

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