Chapter Fifty Three

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It was now July 12. For seven months you and Fred have been living with Ron and Hermione.
Your pregnancy was going ok, but there have been complications. You would faint often and have small seizures and Hermione took you to a muggle hospital when the doctors in the wizarding world didn't help.
They found out that you had eclampsia. You were very much concerned for your baby.
Meanwhile, life for Draco was agonizing.
The days were longer. The last time he tried to go see you, Hermione turned him away without so much as a glimpse of you or Fred.
Until one day.
You were in a rocking chair in the living room and Fred was playing with his toy dinosaurs that Harry gave him for Christmas.
Hermione was rocking her daughter, Rose, to sleep. Ron was at work.
The doorbell rang and Hermione got up to get it.
"No no no, I'll get it." You said, getting up.
"Are you sure?" Hermione asked.
You nodded.
You walked to the door and opened it.
You gasped. Draco stood frozen. He was shocked that he was seeing you for the first time in seven months.
No words were exchanged.
Until Draco's eyes trailed down to your belly.
He gasped. "H-how? How far along..?"
"Seven months." You replied.
Draco counted up to seven, calculating who knows what and his eyes widened when he finished.
" the baby.. is the baby-"
"Yours? Yes. This is your baby." You said.
Draco smiled alittle, but you didn't return the smile.
"What do you want, Draco?" You asked.
"(Y/n)... I am so very sorry. I am stupid. I regret doing what I did. I haven't been back with her since the day I lost you. I love you (y/n). Please come back to me... please forgive me... I'm sorry..." he pleaded.
You scoffed. "You really think sorry is going to cut it? That I'm going to run into your arms and tell you it's okay? Sorry doesn't solve the fact that you cheated on me, Draco!"
Draco winced. "I understand that, but please let me prove myself worthy of your love again. Please (y/n)! We're still married! I'm still forever yours and you are forever mine! I love you! I can't live without you! Another night without you sleeping by my side will be hell! I need you home! I need Fred home! Please (y/n)!", Draco was crying now.
You shook your head. You were angry yet sad. You still loved Draco very much but you couldn't forgive him so easily.
Hermione came to the door now. She must have put Rose in her crib.
"Well well well, now you know she's pregnant." Hermione said.
Draco stood silent.
"You don't deserve her." Hermione said.
"You don't think I know that?" Draco asked. He looked at you the whole time.
Until Hermione attempted to shut the door on him.
He acted quickly and stopped the door with his foot.
You shook your head and went back into the living room.
You were starting to feel dizzy.
"(Y/n)!" Draco yelled.
Hermione tried blocking him, but he forced the door open.
"Hey! Get out of my house!" Hermione yelled, following him into the living room.
Draco stood three feet from you and your back was turned to him.
You held on to a chair for balance.
"(Y/n) please look at me!" Draco yelled.
Fred was now by Hermione's side, hugging her and looking at Draco.
You closed your eyes. You were starting to feel hot, and it was getting hard to breathe.
Draco was still speaking, but you couldn't hear him. All you were able to focus on was how horrible you were feeling.
You gripped the chair tighter. Now it felt like you were spinning.
"I am all alone now! I spent my 25th birthday alone, I tried to see you in your 25th birthday, I even tried to come for Fred's 7th birthday! I haven't seen you since December. It's now July! How do you think I feel about that?" Draco was still speaking.
You turned to face him and to speak but no words came out.
All you remember was Draco pausing, Hermione yelling your name, and Fred calling for you.
"What's wrong with her!?" Draco yelled.
You were trembling furiously and your eyes rolled back. Fred was crying.
"She's having a seizure!" Hermione yelled.
She was worried. You never had one this bad before.
Draco had tears coming out of his eyes.
Hermione gasped when white foam was starting to come out of your mouth.
"Draco! We have to take her to the muggle hospital! Now!"
"Why the mu-"
"JUST PICK HER UP DAMNIT!!!" Hermione boomed.
Draco flinched. Then he picked you up. You were still trembling.
Hermione got Rose and Fred followed everyone out the door.
By the time you all got to the muggle world, you went limp in Draco's arms.
He checked your breathing. You were still alive.
"This way to the hospital." Hermione said.
Draco and Hermione walked quickly, baby Rose sleeping soundly, and Fred running to keep up.
Draco burst into the hospital. He looked around.
How did these muggles even know where to go!?
Hermione rushed over to a reception desk and told the woman her emergency.
The woman looked at you and called a nurse to check on you.
Draco watched the nurse, as if he was making sure she didn't hurt you.
"Her breathing is very faint. We need to get her to the emergency room." The nurse told Draco.
Draco nodded, even though he had no idea what went on in the emergency room.
Fred clutched at Draco's black suit jacket as he followed the nurse.
Hermione followed.
"Set her down here." The nurse pointed to a bed Draco has never seen before.
It's mattress was thin and it had wheels. He observed it.
"Is it safe?" He asked.
"Draco, put her down!" Hermione yelled.
Draco put you down.
Then, you started trembling again.
"I need help over here!" The nurse yelled.
In a matter of seconds, three other muggles rushed over. They tended to you, the rolled you away.
Draco tried to follow but one stopped him.
"I'm sorry, sir. You can't pass."
"Why not!?" Draco yelled.
Hermione held him by the arm.
He watched as they pushed you through the double doors and out of sight...

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