2. Strawberries

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Author's POV.



"Are you ready yet!?"

"Hm hm!"

"We only have 10 minutes to drive for college!"


"Stop humming you stupid girl!!! We're gonna be late for lecture again!" Jimin yelled as he kicked the door open. "Don't tell me you're not ready yet!!!?" Jimin's mouth was wide open.

Jennie just nodded "You little-!" Jimin was about to grab her but she ran into her changing room.
"Oppa! I'm skipping lecture today." She said softly as he popped her head out a little.

"Are you kidding me!?! You already did that a lot of times now.-"

"Oppa~~~~" Jennie whined as she came out of the changing room slowly and sat on the bed. "He is here. In our city." She pouted.

"And you think you'll skip lectures for a-"

"Oppa! Don't say anything bad about him!!" Jennie huffed.

"Jennie-ah he doesn't even know that you exist." Jimin sighed.

"I don't care oppa. I already fell in love with him...and now I can't fall out of it." She crossed her arms.

"I can't believe you're wasting your future for some ugly celebrity who doesn't even-"

"Park Jimin!!!" Jennie stood. "Don't you dare call him ugly. He is the most handsome man I've ever seen."

"Psst. Then you've never seen any man." Jimin scoffed.

"Well you haven't seen my hubby either." Jennie rolled her eyes.

"Eww Jen! Stop calling him that. And how can I see him, all he wears is black clothes and masks hiding his whole face."

"Wow wow! I think we got a secret admirer here!" She giggled. "BTW oppa. It's still on news. You can clearly see his face now." Jennie pointed at the tv.

But Jimin just rolled his eyes. "I'm leaving. Enjoy with your hUbbY."
With that he ran out slamming the door close.

Jennie took a deep happy breath and sat on her bed. "ugh oppa...you would never understand how good looking this man is." She said looking at th TV.


"The youngest and most successful producer of South Korea was recently spotted driving to BH's sub quarter in Busan

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"The youngest and most successful producer of South Korea was recently spotted driving to BH's sub quarter in Busan. It is heard that he was about to take a good long break from work. So there are high chances that Mr. Min Yoongi will be spending his vacations in Busan." The MC said and directly Jin switched off the TV.

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