Chapter #16 Why try

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Poking? Someone's poking me, why won't he let me sleep. Is it really that hard to let me have a shred of peace.

Turning over to escape the dedicated fingers abuse, hopefully it would cease it's torment.

It stopped, thank you lord!

I cried out as a strong hands imprint was sure to be left behind from whoever just b!tch-slapped me out of the bed an onto the floor, nose first.

Ow! I've been cooped in this damn place for what, a month now an i haven't even been allowed to go outside, nor have i been allowed to call my brother so why won't he let me have a little rest, is that too much to ask for?

Getting up holding my nose mentally cursing logan as i did i took one of logans tissues an checked for any kind of blood leakage, which surprisingly were none. Thankfully. Looking around his room spotting him standing in the far coroner yelling into a phone an throwing on his clothes.

Just dandy, He's so pissed!

"Fanculo! Mi occuperò di lui appena finito lassù. (Fuck! I'll deal with him just finish up there.)" The phone shattered as i connected with the wall causing me to flinch back. He calmed down instantly after fixing his tie.

I was so engulfed by his more than usual bipolar demeanor my ears finally picked up the distant sound of gunshots.


"Logan there's gunshots firing!" I shook listening as the sound grew within seconds, Grabbing a pillow to protect myself.

"Yeah....that tends to happen from time to time, have you seen my extra supply of bullets?" loading his gun calmly glancing on both sides admiring as it snapped in place, turning to the side to place it in his holster.

"Statue?! Why is there guns going off!?" I yelled.

"Some motherfucker probably thinks their hot-shit an wanna kill me" shrugging as if it was no big deal, pulling out a drawer tossing it to the side. Retrieving yet another gun from inside the emptied drawer.

The shots are getting louder! Oh my god this isn't happening please let it be a dream....

Closing my eye's an sending prayers to every god up there that i promise to try an eat less cheesecake if all this went away.

The shooting stopped.

Opening my eye's i sighed in relief.


I'm going to hell...

I screamed, my body froze too terrified to move as logan opened another drawer grinning turning back to me "Found'em tesoro never mind!" loading the bullets into another guns magazine pushing it into the butt of the gun smiling.

"Stupid! What are we gonna do i don't wanna die unlike someone" i heaved running to his side.

"Non so di cosa si tratta ma te.....Dio mi aiuti con questo (I don't know what it is about you but.....god help me with this one.)" He mumbled turning away from me.

"You're not gonna take any of your valuable irreplaceable things?" I asked out of nowhere. Turning back to me he snapped his fingers infront of my face an running to the other side of the room.

"You're right i can't believe i almost forgot about this...TA-DA!" He beamed.

You have got to be bullshiting me! Out of all the things he could have got!

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