Friend of a Friend.

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"Ahhh. Fuck." Jungkook groaned, making his elbows support his body to lift up from the ground.

"Ouch. That fucker did hit hard." He cursed. Looking around he knows he is already inside. "Ah shit. It still hurts like a bitch."

It took him about good 10 minutes to get on his feet, he really went too loose on alcohol today.

"Ahh Jimin come on, atleast buy yourself good flavored juice." He said annoyed as he found orange flavored juice in the refrigerator.

He still took a glass of milk and walked back to the living room. Getting comfortable on the couch, he switched on the TV to entertain himself till Jimin come back.

"You fucking alcoholic. How many times i told you not get tipsy to the point that you loose the track of ground. How many fucking times i told you to go to your own apartment when you are drunk." Jimin yelled as soon as he came inside.

It's 10 in the night, he left as early as he can. It still took him 45 minutes to get back home.

"Hello to you too." Jungkook took his leg off the table. Placing the glass on the table he stood up.

"What's the excuse this time?" Jimin asked controlling himself to not beat the shit out of his friend.

"She left me." Jungkook asked trying to look innocent.

"That's not the first time some girl left you. What's the thing that took you go drink so much." Jimin tried to calm down.

"She was different, I actually love her. That fucker Micheal interfered. He took her." Jungkook told him, looking hurt.

"Get over it Jeon, you fall in 'actual love' twice a week. Stop this shit." Jimin sat down loosing his tie and stretching his legs.

"You know me quiet well." Jungkook smirked getting comfortable again.

"Shut it." Jimin scoffed. "Oh God." He was back on his feet.

"What?" Jungkook asked but he was successfully ignored by Jimin who ran past him and went towards his bedroom. "What the fuck?"

Jimin was quick to open the door, only to find Taehyung snuggled in a pillow clutching it tightly in his arms.

"I'm sorry." He went close to him and caressed his cheeks lightly brushing his hairs off of his eyes.

"Jim....." before he can call him Jimin shushed him and galred at him telling to get out of the room. Jungkook was quick to get out and close the door just like it was.

"Chim...." Taehyung called him in his slightly hoarsed voice.

"I'm sorry i woke you up." Jimin pouted sitting beside him on the bed.

"Give me a hug." Taehyung said making grabby hands. Jimin was quick to hug him. Taehyung rested his chin on Jimin's shoulder and hugged him tight. It's been four years he last met his best friend. "I missed you."

"I missed you too. I'm so happy you accepted my offer." Jimin replied smiling ear to ear. Suddenly he was alert again. He broke the hug, looking at his friend with a close look.

"What?" Taehyung asked kinda annoyed.

"Are you okay? I mean, you feel comfortable? Nothing happened right?" Jimin didn't want to use the clear word for it but he was worried for a specific reason.

"I'm okay Chim, i was tired but now that i slept I'm fine." Taehyung replied and Jimin breathed in relief.

"You are over-reacting now. I'm not a teenage girl who can't protect herself." Taehyung mocked.

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