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Sitting in my bedroom in front of my vanity as the maids pampered my face with makeup

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Sitting in my bedroom in front of my vanity as the maids pampered my face with makeup. Today my father was holding a ball for the newly weds, aka my older brother and the eldest daughter of the Macalino family. The maids dressed me up in a nicely fitted beige dress with matching pumps. My hair was curled down to the middle of my back.

Looking at myself in the mirror I sighed. I hate being dragged into these things. Too many unrecognizable faces, too many raunchy woman looking for someone to fulfill their needs day in and day out.

I could hear the soft melody of the music from downstairs and the chit chat of the people from different palaces flooding into our ball room. Sighing to myself once again, I made my way down to the ball room. I carefully maneuvered around the servants as they carried around plates of gold wine and hors d'oeuvres. Everyone is dressed so elegant as always. I'd rather not be in a tight dress, but at least it makes my figure stand out.

Making my way over to the table full of my family member, I took a seat next to my little brother. I watched as the people piled into the ball room, taking their seats at the tables labeled with their last names. This is how it's always been. But, I was waiting for one family in particular.. the Liang family. Their son has always been eye candy to me. His sense of humor always enlightened me, even though he was never exactly talking to me.

I always admire from afar, being to scared to go hold an actual conversation with him. He was far too out of my league. In the same perfectly fitted tuxedo he always wore. That was the first thing I noticed as him and his family walked into the ball room. Dressed head to toe so beautifully. They've always gotten praised for their attire and I couldn't appose to the fact that they looked ravishing.

Taking a seat at the table across from my family, my father father stood and tapped his glass with his tea spoon. After gathering everyone's attention. He proceeded to tell everyone about how thankful he was to welcome a new part to our family and he was so ecstatic that his handsome son was finally married to someone so perfect.

That's when I tuned him out, it's been like this our whole lives. My older brother getting praised for what was the normal. If I did the same, I would get a little praise from my mother and ignored by my father. He's always held above the rest of us because he's been with a girl from the macalino family.

Everyone knows they have a vast of riches. But, then again I have to be a bit pitiful towards my brother. At first the relationship was forced upon him, but he grew to love her.

The music suddenly changed, making me come back to reality. I went to find a drink, grabbing a wine glass from off the golden tray one of the servants were holding. Making sure my family wasn't around, I chugged the glass and grabbed another. I have to loosen up a bit if I'm gonna last throughout the night.

"A stressful day I presume?" The voice making me freeze. Either this wine was stronger than I thought or Darren is talking to me. Turning around, I gave him a small smile. "No, I just don't find these events to be very amusing." I briefly explained as I took a smaller sip from my glass this time. He chuckled and stuffed his hands into his pockets. Holy shit I could just get off to the sound of his laugh bro.

We stood their in silence until he suddenly spoke. "I've been meaning to talk to you for a while now, I just never knew how to approach someone so beautiful." His cheeks were tinted with a light shade of pink. Yeah, it's final hes fucking perfect. "I could say the same, rather I was just a bit to shy to talk to you." I mumbled out as I looked down into my glass, twirling the drink around in the glass.

My head was suddenly lifted by his pointer finger. "No need to be so shy, love. I see the mutual attraction going on." His thumb brushed over my bottom lip. Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck, that was hot.

Looking up at him, he had a huge grin plastered on his lips. Gulping deeply, my words being stuck in my throat as his slid down to my throat. "As much as I'd love to ruin your pretty body in front of all these people, it would be pretty impolite to ruin your brothers wedding shower." With that said he suddenly pulled me along with him out the ball room. "My uh bedroom is in the back hall." I stuttered out, taking what I said he quickened his pace to my bedroom.

Once the door was closed and looked behind us, he swiftly unzipped my dressed. It pooled at the bottom of my feet and the sudden gush of cold air maid the hairs on my arm stick up. "Better than anything I could ever imagine." He cupped my cheek and pressed lips against mine as he pulled my body against his. His hands ran up and down my side so delicately. The tips of his fingers brushing ever so light over my hips, making me mewl against his lips.

Pulling away from my lips, he gripped my throat and forced me down onto my knees. "You look even more gorgeous like this, face red, lips bruised. Mm I could get used to this."

Lmao I'll leave the rest to you imagination cause idk where to go with this.

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