○Protect| Mikey x Reader

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TW: Mentions of Violence

The blonde commander's black hues trailed down to his phone as he got a few texts. "What's up? " Draken questioned as he watched the president's eyes widen as he read the texts before suddenly standing up from the table they were sat at. "I'll get back to you Ken-chin! " He called out as he ran over to his motorcycle.

As he neared Takemichi's school, he slowed down a bit before coming to a full stop and parking his bike. "N/N! I got your text! " He called out as he opened the door to the nurse's office. His black orbs widened as he looked at the girl's bandaged face and hands. The H/C haired girl was about to stand up from her spot on the bed but the boy came to her first and gathered her up into his arms. "What the hell happened? " He questioned as he sat down with his arms still around her.

"There's.. Been some girls giving me issues.. I- I tried to deal with it by myself! But.. I'm not very strong like you or 'Michi. " His eyes softened as he listened to her voice break while she gave him names and descriptions. As he noticed small crystal like tears dribble from her E/C pools, he gently kissed them away before peppering her face with soft kisses. She let out a soft noise when he suddenly scooped her up into his arms before standing up from the small bed. "What are you doing? " She asked as he held her up with one arm and opened the nurse's office door. "I'm gonna go deal with them while you hold down the fort at my bike! " He smiled as he carried her through the hallway, not caring if they got odd looks.


"I'm home. " Takemichi called out through the empty house since he was normally the first one home. His eyebrows furrowed as he heard the soft noise of a TV coming from the upper level of his home.

Taking notice the noise was coming from his sister's room, he quietly walked towards the door and poked his head in since it was open. "Eh? Oh hey Takemitchy! " The cheery blonde president greeted as he sat on the girl's bed while she slept beside him, since she felt more safe, even in her own home, since he was there. "M-Mikey?! Why are you here? " He sputtered out as his ocean blue hues grew like saucers.

"I'm taking care of N/N! " Mikey happily smiled as he placed a gentle on her back as she slightly moved around to get more comfortable. "By the way, did you know your sister was being harassed? " Takemichi flinched as he heard the commander's scary voice leave his mouth. "Uh.. No, I don't think so. I mean she came home with bandages every now and again but I never questioned it. She doesn't really tell me anything.." He nervously scratched the back of his head before walking to his bedroom.

The blonde boy blinked as he felt the girl began to stir against his chest. He gently placed a hand onto the side of her head and lightly ran his fingers through her H/C hair. "Go back to sleep darling, your safe here. " He soothed.

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