Chapter 5-July 17th, 2006

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Chapter 5

July 17th, 2006

“Nat! Nat I need some help with my homework!” I call, walking through the front door, after coming home from my summer classes. Sweat beaded on my forehead from biking home in the summer heat, and my blonde hair fell in front of my eyes.

“Shut up, boy!” Father yells. “Get me a beer!” I drop my backpack and reach into the fridge, pulling out a brown glass bottle.

Father sits in the living room, watching the game. I step beside his chair and he grabs the bottle from my hands.

“Where have you been?” he snarls.

“School.” I mutter.

“School? Ya don’t need school, you need to be learn to be a hardworking man. The works isn’t gonna get itself done now is it? Speakin’ of, get your sister down here to clean up this mess!”

“Yes sir.” I mumble. I grab my backpack from the kitchen then trudge up the stairs.

“Hey Nat I—” I stopped cold. Every muscle, frozen in time, my feet, glued to the carpet.

My sister and I never owned many things, but almost everything was gone. The countless pictures and drawing that hung from the walls, gone.

She was gone.

I threw open the closet. All that was left were her worn, holy pajamas. Next, I burst into the small, adjoining bathroom. On the sink, rested a used makeup brush, still covered in skin-tone powder. Beside it, was a bloodied washcloth, and a used up gauze roll.

The anger swell up inside of me, hot, sweltering, violent anger.

I ran down stairs.

“I hate you! I screamed, at the top of my lungs, shoving my father. “You did it again! When I was gone last night! You beat her again, and now she’s gone!” I screamed.

I screamed, and my father pissed, pulled back his fist. I barely saw it coming.

His drunk fist hit me square in the jaw. I grunted and tried to stand my ground. My father wouldn't allow for that, his other fist came before I could get my head back.

He’d never hit me like this before. There was always Nat. She took it instead of me. She always sacrificed herself for me. Now she’s gone.

He hit me in the eye and this time I was smart enough to go where ever the blow took me. I was knocked to the floor but this angered my father almost more than me not moving at all.

"You lazy good for nothing! Get up and face me like a man!"

Before I could stop myself, I whimpered in pain. This landed kick to my gut.

“You are worse than that shitty, worthless daughter of mine. At least she could take it in silence!”

“Don’t talk about Natalie like that!” I screamed. The backside of his hand whipped across my face.

He didn't give me the chance to stand up before he landed another kick to my ribs. All the air was blown out of my lungs, I lie on the floor gasping for breath.

"I said get up, boy!" My father shouted.

"STAND UP!" My father said. I stood up slowly, my brain dizzy and my legs weak. He wasted no time sending a punch to my temple. The blow sent me to the ground again, but this time I saw stars, and red spots clouding my vision. I knew that if this went on for much longer I would pass out. I also knew he wouldn't stop until that happened.

Reluctantly I stood up again, my legs shaking, sweat rolling down my face. I tasted blood in my mouth. My father took a long swig of his beer and I watched him with disgust as he missed his mouth, beer rolling down his chin. When he was done, he slammed the bottle on the ground, causing the glass to shatter. I held still, blood pounding through my head. A distant ringing sounded and I was reminded again what had caused this whole encounter.

Nat left. She left me with this drunk abuser people call my father. Why didn't she take me with her?

My thoughts were interrupted by my father demanding two more beers. I walked stiffly and robotically to the kitchen to get them. Nat left. And she isn't coming back.

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