One Shot #2 - Boy Meets Girl

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Hi my beautiful readers! Hope you all enjoyed the first one shot! It did well :) SORRY IF THIS ONE IS KINDA SHORT!



You walk into the newest cafe in San Fransokyo, Lucky Cat Cafe. You looked around and noticed a very attractive cashier behind the counter.

You blush as he says "Hi Ms may I help you?"

"Oh yes, can I get a small coffee." you say with a soft smile.

"My name is Tadashi Hamada." he said reaching out his hand.

"Oh I'm [Y/N]." you say shaking his hand.

"I'll have your coffee out in about a minute." Tadashi says with a wink.

"Umm I didn't pay yet?" you say confused.

"It's on me." he says with a soft smile.

You giggle and sit at a table by the big window. Tadashi comes over and brings over your coffee.

"Mind if I sit with you?" he asks blushing.

"Ya sure, but what about your job?" you asked.

"Oh I'll have my brother take over." he said yelling a boys name.

A small little teen boy walks from down stairs. He had crazy hair and wore clothes that were way to big for him.

"Yes." the little boy said.

"Hiro, can you take over for me so I can talk to my new friend [Y/N]." Tadashi said looking in your eyes.

"So basically take over your job so you can flirt with this girl." Hiro said with a smirk.

Tadashi blushed.

"Just do it." he said.

Tadashi pulled out a chair and sat with you. The two of talked or hours upon hours.

"Hey come with me." Tadashi said with a hot smirk.

You giggled and took his hand. He took you up to his bedroom. You walked around in the room and turned around only to see Tadashi shirtless.

You swallowed and mumbled "hot".

He pushed you into the bean bag in the corner of his room. He grabbed your wasit and kissed you. You obivously kissed him back! I mean this is Tadashi Hamada were talking about people! His hands ran through your hair. You ran your fingers across his soft face.

"Dashi?" Hiro said walking in.

Tadashi got off you and blushed.

"Are you making out with Aunt Cass' costumers?" Hiro said with a blank face.

Tadashi blushed.

"And were is your shirt, don't act you have a hot body, yours is trash." Hiro continued.

Tadashi walked over to Hiro and slapped his smart little mouth. You couldn't help but laugh at the sight of all this. Tadashi laughed as well. Soon Hiro did too.

"You darling are so sassy." you said talking to Hiro.

"Why thank you [Y/N]." Hiro said fixing his jacket , his shoulders big and proud.

"Hey back off buddy she's mine!" Tadashi said putting his arm around you.

You blushed, your life was gonna be good!

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