Dirty: school

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You had just walked into school and you were headed to your locker. while you were getting your books for your first hour, you felt strong, warm arms wrap around your waist from behind. from the smell of his Cologne, you knew exactly who he was.

"hey Austin!" you say with a smile and turn around.

he kisses you passionately on the lips. you begin to heavily make out. his tongue wrestling yours.

suddenly remembering you were in school, you pulled away.

you looked into austins eyes. they were full of passion, lust, and ecstasy.

"babe I need you!" he whispers.

"were at school!" you scold.

"but we still have..." he looks are his watch. "20 minutes!"

you finally cave in and he drags you into the nearest janitors closet when no one is looking.

as soon as the door closes, he pins you up against the wall and begins to suck on your neck. he bites and nibbles, leaving love bites.

you begin taking off his trukfit hoodie and he removes your tank top.

before you know it, you are both wearing your birthday suits. Austin wastes no time.

he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist. he sets you on a table and positions himself at your entrance.

"ready babe?" he asks. you nod and he pushes his huge cock into your soaked pussy.

he begins thrusting in and out of you. you bite your lip and dig your nails into his back to keep from moaning out in pleasure.

he grabs your tits and begins to play with them while his dick works magic in your south pole.

you start to feel your climax approaching.

you bite austins shoulder while Cumming all over him.

then he hits his climax as well and shoots his cum into you.

he pulls out and you two begin putting your clothes back on.

when your dressed you open the door. you see a bunch of people standing there looking at y'all in awe.

you blush. this is going to be a long day, you think.

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