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When I woke up and checked my phone, I was disappointed. It was only Tuesday and there were three days left till it was the weekend. I didn't exactly hate school but I'd rather wake up late instead of early.

I didn't live that far away from the school so every day, I walked the way to the school with my younger brother Benjamin. He was three years younger than me so that made him fourteen years old. Benjamin was the only one of my siblings that were there for me and never judged me.

"Are you ready yet?" He asked as his hand was on the door handle. I shook my head and took my brush and started brushing it through my hair.

"You haven't even brushed your hair yet? Jesus." Benjamin said as he groaned. I rolled my eyes and started brushing the other side.
"Brushing hair doesn't take two years," I answered.

I put the brush down and took the book Hamlet up in my hands as I packed it down into my backpack. I took the backpack and swung it over my shoulder as Benjamin turned around and walked down the hallway.

I followed him as we walked to the front door and opened it up. We left the house and went down the stairs in our apartment hall. Side by side, my brother and I went to school in complete silence. That always happened, he knew not to talk to me in the morning. I was always too grumpy.

When we were about to part our ways I stopped him and smiled.
"Take care and... have a good day, alright?" I said, he nodded and sent a nice smile back.

"Have a good day as well," Benjamin answered and started walking away from me. I walked away as well and walked to the seniors' door entrance. When I noticed that Milan and his little stoner group were standing by the door while smoking, I decided to walk over there.

I started coughing when the smoke turned up everywhere in the air.
"Do you need something?" Milan asked. I rolled my eyes at him as I put my backpack down on the floor and opened it up.

"Be careful boys, she's going to pull a gun out now." Milan laughed at his joke, it made the other boys around him laugh as well. I pulled the book up and handed it over to Ryder.

"You said that you hadn't read Hamlet before, so I brought it for you. When you're done reading it, give it back to me. It better look like it did before I gave it to you." I said. Ryder took the book out of my hand and looked at it with a questioning look. I didn't even want to hear him thanking me.

"And if he doesn't want to read your fucked up book?" Milan asked. I took my backpack and put it around my shoulder once again. I smiled and looked at the cigarette in his hand.

"I'll tell the principal that you are smoking here, you're most likely going to get expelled. Good luck with that." I said and walked away. I couldn't hear their voices, which meant that I put them in their place. Which they deserved.

I walked into the school and walked up the stairs. When I got up to where the lockers were, I noticed Jasmine and Sophia standing there and talking. I walked over to them as I stood beside Jasmine as we both were looking at Sophia now.

Sophia was a cute girl everything about her made her cute. Her face, her way of speaking, the way she always got excited in the cutest way. She was a dark-haired pretty Asian. Jasmine was white and pretty as well, she loved going all out with her eyeliner and the glitter. Her hair strands on the top and in front of her ear were dyed blue, the rest of it was dyed black. Originally she was blonde.

They looked gorgeous no matter what they wore or dyed.
"Good morning, Alissa!" Sophia said as she wrapped her arms around me and greeted me with a hug.

"Good morning, babes," I answered and hugged her back. I pulled away and hugged Jasmine from the side.

"You seem to be in a good mood," Jasmine said with a hint of curiousness in her voice. I shook my head and crossed my arms.

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