Calum Hood

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Calum and Addylin

-Addylin's Pov-
My eyes fluttered open from a good nights sleep to see the bright sun rays flowing through the curtains. I groaned and sat up reaching for my phone. When I looked at it, I noticed that my friend Bailey had messaged me and asked if I wanted to go out to the mall. I pondered about the question for a few moments and then messaged her back saying that I needed to take a quick shower and get ready first. I got up and walked over my closet to get skinny jeans and a flannel. Then I walked over to my dresser to grab a bra and underwear. After I got everything I needed I walked toward the bathroom and hopped in the shower. I got out and got dressed and styled my hair. I wiped the mirror off and applied a little bit of mascara and eyeshadow. After I was done getting ready, I texted Bailey and told her that I was finished. She quickly texted back and said that a few of our other friends were going to meet us there. I heard a horn and I quickly grabbed my wallet and key and walked out of my apartment door, locking it. As soon as I walked outside I spotted Bailey's black and red Dodge Charger and I rushed towards it. I got In and sighed.
Bailey: do you have to do that every time you get in this car ?
Me: hell yeah. This car is sexy as fuck!!
She giggled and started driving to the mall. I turned on the radio and hummed along to the songs that came on. When we finally got to the mall Bailey parked her car and we made our way inside.
Me: where are we going to meet the others ?
Bailey: oh they said that they wanted to meet at the food court!
I nodded and we walked over towards the food court. When we got there to meet our friends I could help but notice this group of cute guys. They all looked at me and the one with dark hair winked at me. I squealed and The girls looked at me and I pointed tic the boys.
Bailey: Addy, you do realize .. That's 5 seconds of summer right?
Me: no way ?
Hannah: I didn't even realize that!! Oh my gosh!!
Bailey: he is looking at you right now!! Oh my gosh! Calum likes you!
Me: no he doesn't!! Now let's go shoppppp!! I need to get some jeans from hot topic!!
They all giggled and we headed our way towards hot topic. When we got in the store I ran straight to the jeans. I grabbed a pair of purple and black dyed skinny jeans and a purple bandana. I heard boys laughter and I turned around to see the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer, again. Calum looked over at me and smirked. Luke looked towards me and whispered something in Calum's ear and he chuckled and started walking towards me. When he got closer I started to panic.
Me: wh-
Calum: look don't freak out or anything. But what I'm about to do is a dare and .. Yeah
Me: oh my god what are you-
He grabbed both sides of my face and leaned in and kissed me. And of course I was shocked I mean for Christ sakes Calum Hood is kissing me. I slowly pulled my head back to see a scarlet faced Calum standing right In front of me.
Calum: look I'm a sorry ..
Me: it's totally fine. How about we hang out sometime?
Calum: really ?
Me: what is Calum Hood scared? You're the one who came up and started basically making out with me in the middle of Hot topic I mean-
Luke: Cal here has been looking at you all day and he wouldn't shut up about you so I dared him to walk up to you and kiss you. I didn't think he had the balls to do it.
Michael: dude just go on a damn date with her. She even asked you to go out with h-
Calum: God would you just go away you guys are so embarrassing.. What's your name by the way ?
Me: Addylin
Calum: lovely name for a beautiful girl like you. So what do you say, tomorrow at seven ;) ?
Me: yeah just give me your number and I'll call you up!!
Calum took my phone and put in his number and handing it back before quickly walking away.
Well ... That sure was something. As soon as I bought my clothes I walked out of the store only to get tackled with questions and the girls got if crazy. That's how the rest of my day was spent. My crazy friends fangirling over the whole situation while I just sat there and thought about his lips against mine. Yes it was kind of sudden. But it was Calum Hood.. I couldn't wait until tomorrow. It sure was going to be crazy to go on a date with my Celebrity crush.

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