**I'm skipping ahead to the video shoot because I want to make this chapter exciting! **

You Stop My Heart - Melanie Fiona

March 29th 2015

It was the week before the video shoot, and Vincent couldn't contain himself. He had the black box in his pocket for two weeks now, but he wanted to wait until the right time. He called Shawn being antsy, not sure of himself. "Hey Shawn, what's up?" "Not much you?" "I really want to ask her but have no idea when to do it." "Go with your gut and do it when you're comfortable. Make it special and memorable." "You know what? You've given me the perfect idea." Vincent hung up the phone and started making plans for the video shoot next week.

One week later - April 6th 2015 Plaza Hotel, NY 26 A 1:00pm

Marisol was in the dressing room with Laurel putting the final touches on her outfit for the first scene in the video. "I look like a hooker, Mari!" "Calm down, Elle you look great! He won't be able to keep his eyes off of you." She stood in the mirror and looked at herself. She was wearing a strappy necklace babydoll with matching panties from Victoria's Secret in Soft Pink. Laurel took a spin in the mirror and smiled, "Actually I don't look bad at all. I feel like a Victoria's Secret Model." "Come back here, so I can finish your hair and makeup for the first scene." "I'm nervous. Do I look fat in this?" "Girl no you don't!! If I could switch places with you I would, but my boobs would fall out that bra top." Both of the girls burst out laughing as Marisol finished getting her ready for the first scene.

Vincent was pacing outside his hotel room waiting for Laurel, to appear so they could start shooting the video. He heard Marisol, leave and snuck into the room before the door hitched. "You know you're not supposed to be in here Vincent." "I had to see you. Can you take the robe off?" "No not yet. Just wait a few more minutes." "I don't want to wait." He crossed over to where she was sitting at the end of her bed and pulled her onto his lap kissing her neck. "Vincent, put me down!" "Mmm, you smell good!" "Vincent I think this is what we're supposed to be doing at the shoot down the hall." "Why not get started now?" Vincent's phone rang and interrupted them. Damn it! Shawn has perfect fucking timing! Ha! Vincent answered it, "Hey Shawn." "Where are you? Get your ass on the set now?!" "Shawn give him a break don't be so intense." "Marisol, can you drag the two lovebirds on set please?" "We're coming down to the room now in 28 B." "Thank you." The line went dead and the couple went down to room to get situtated for the first scene.

The casting director (Dan Gotti), pulled Vincent into the bathroom to talk to him while Marisol got Laurel set up. Laurel was fine until she had to take off the robe that she was wearing to go lay down on the massive king size bed. "Do I really have to take this off?" She looked at Marisol who continued moving around the set ignoring her gaze. Mr. Gotti came out the bathroom and looked at Laurel and asked, "What are you doing?" I need you to get into position for this scene now!" What the hell am I supposed to do? I've never done this before, she thought to herself. "I don't know what to do.", Laurel said in a small voice. Dan breathed a sigh of relief seeing that she really was a newbie to video shoots. He grabbed her hand and said, "Come with me."

Dan brought her to the bathroom where he kicked Vincent out. Vincent left without saying a word. Once the bathroom door was closed, Dan started talking. "I know this is your first shoot I can tell. Any questions?" "Well duh! What am I supposed to do? I'm dressed like a Victoria's Secret model, but I'm nervous." "The song Ride is about making love to someone special, but with deeper meaning. It's really about the transendence of falling in love with someone, and the two people in the relationship maintaining that special bond." "Wow that's beautiful." Why wasn't I told this in the first place? "Here's some advice, just ignore the rest of the outside world, and focus on the one person who makes you happy. Pretend like there's nobody else in the room except you and him." Laurel let out a huge breath, that she didn't realize she was holding in. She smiled and said, "Okay, let's do this!"

Taking a deep breath Laurel took off the robe and left the bathroom. She went and laid on the king size bed and relaxed. All of the lights in the room were dimmed, and Dan said, "Quiet on the set!" Shawn and Marisol were sitting down in the far corner of the room checking the music to make sure it was queued up correctly for the next scene after this one. "Cue the music, second verse Shawn, and SoMo!", Dan said quickly. Vincent opened the door and walked to the side of the bed where Laurel was laying down. "Scene 1 take 1. 3, 2, 1, and go." He waited for the music to start looking deep into her eyes smiling. The music began and SoMo started to sing.

"Lay on your back, you like right there. You don't have to say it twice, love there's nothing here to fear." Oh my goodness he looks so sexy. Mmm he smells amazing! Focus, girl focus! SoMo climbs on top of Laurel as she started to unbutton his white shirt and running her hands down his chest and abs. "Taking it back, back to where it's clear. Rolling on and on sounds of love are in the air! I'm gon ride (4x), on you baby, on you lady all night, all night." SoMo ran his hands, up and down the sides of her body, itching to take off the babydoll top to feel Laurel's skin in his hands. Damn, if I could have her face down in the pillows right now... Lmao. I gotta focus, otherwise this will end up being a porno, instead of a video! She looks so feminine right now, I can't take it!

Laurel sat up and took off SoMo's shirt, practically drooling over his sculpted arms and shoulders. "I'm gonna take care of your body, I'll be gentle don't you scream. Make it harder, make it softer, feel your chest on top of me!" SoMo shrugged off the shirt and laid down with Laurel on the bed and moved down towards her middle. He started kissing her stomach and she almost rolled her eyes in the back of her head but stopped herself. "I'm gon ride (4x), on you baby, on you lady, all night, all night." SoMo moved back up towards Elle's face and put his forehead against hers his eyes glowing with passion. "I'm gonna make you feel that loving, getting weak all in your knees. Kiss your body from the tip top all the way down to your feet." Her legs moved on their own wrapping themselves around SoMo's back as he rubbed her thighs and began to kiss her.

They were too busy being lost in the moment, before they heard Dan yell, "Hey lovebirds, I said cut!" Oops! I guess we got carried away. Of course they had to interrupt just when it was getting good! Vincent and Laurel let go of each other but still had that look of longing deep in their eyes. Vincent leaned down and whispered into her ear, "I can't wait for tomorrow." She looked at him feeling butterflies in her stomach again, wondering what he meant. He said nothing, getting and leaving with Shawn to shoot some stills outside.

Laurel got up and ran to the bathroom, suddenly feeling sick again and threw up. Way to kill the mood little one. Can you not make mommy's stomach churn during the rest of the shoot? She came out the bathroom after she cleaned up, seeing Dan look at her bewildered. "It was just a bad case of Chinese food Dan." "Whew thank goodness! For a minute there I thought it was something else. Good job with this scene. Go get changed so we can do some stills of you." Laurel and Marisol left to go prepare for her solo pictures. "Girl, if Dan hadn't stopped you it would've ended up being a porno." Elle looked at her friend in shock, "How could you say that? Was it that sexually charged in the room?" Marisol said nothing as she gave Laurel her tablet and played back the video clip. Oh my goodness! We look amazing! Is this even real? Laurel put down the tablet and went to change into her next outfit. Marisol smiled to herself, as she got out her makeup kit. This could end up being a happliy ever after if Vincent plays his cards right.

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