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Before we start, just know that I don't know anything about gambling, so I'm just copying this from a James Bond movie LMFAO.


𝐈: 𝐂𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐨

Life has always been a pain in the ass for me. For as long as I could remember, my parents struggled financially.

Looking at them, I always wanted to help and always wanted to find away to free them from their burdens.

That brought me to gambling.

"All in, 6 million." I said, pushing my stack of pokers to the centre of the table. I felt the eyes of all the men in suits on me.

"6 million all in." Another man said smirking. I fiddled with my fingers underneath the table. I knew I didn't have that much money, but that wouldn't matter if i won.

"5 million all in!" The man was smiling, overly confident in his choice. I pursed my lips.

We all turned to the last man, who still hadn't put his draw in. I cocked a brow at him.

"10 million." He announced and I felt myself shiver in either anticipation or in fear. If I won, I'd be able to change my parents' life for the better.

But if I lost... I shook my head, not wanting to think about it.

Gasps could be heard from all around the casino, as I tried to stop my shaking hands.

I looked at the cards placed on the table.

An ace of hearts, a 4 spade, a 2 spade, an 8 spade and another ace of hearts.

I bent my cards to peek at what I had. 6 of hearts and an ace of clubs.

The tension in the room was high, and I so badly wanted to leave, but I kept thinking of my parents to keep me to stay. This is for them y/n.

We then all showed our cards and the games went on. As he lined my cards up I started to feel a bit more confident. Maybe I could win all of this money?

I felt a smile try to break free from my lips, as I shifted in my chair. I looked towards the man who played 10 million. He seemed to look more confident than me, as he handed his cards to the dealer.

I bit my lip as worry started to bubble inside me.

My ears blocked out everything the dealer said as cheers could be heard. The man had a large grin on his face, before he thrust his arms in the air in victory.

Thoughts raced through my mind and I struggled to process my feelings. However the main one I could process was regret.

Y/n, what have you done?

Before I could dwell in self pity for any much longer, I pushed out of my chair and quickly headed out of the casino.

Shouts were heard and thundering footsteps, as I continued to run. My lungs burned and my breaths came out ragged.

The last thing I heard before I left the casino was from the man who won. "Don't worry about her for now. Tonight I'm going big."

◯ △ ▢

I didn't go home that night. I was too ashamed of myself and didn't want to face my parents. Though they didn't know about my gambling escapade, I felt as though the moment I saw them I'd break down, confessing to them.

I sat on the side of the road, just staring out in front of me. I didn't expect a call from my parents as they were used to me being out late. And what friends did I have to expect a call from?

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