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The fight

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I opened my eyes and Jake was punching Edward many times in the face and he was shaking. suddenly Edward saw I was awake and ran over to me.
When he got over I saw there was no blood on his face. he scooped me in his arm easily as if I was a pillow and whispered "hold on!" And ran.
"No no no!" I screamed "Jacob help me!" As I looked around every thing was a blur. how fast was Edward running. I saw his feet moving so fast. then I noticed how cold he was. I started to shiver.
"Are you cold up there?" He said in a velvet voice and a evil smile spread on his face.
Suddenly he through me In the air I screamed as I was falling closer, closer to the floor. luckily Edward caught me. "not funny!" I snarled "Jake were are you?" I dreamed at the top of my lungs. Tears fell from my eyes "please" I sobbed quietly.
Jacobs POV
I ran to after Bella in wolf form. in the distance I herd a scream and then Bella calling my name. Finally I caught up with them. We were in a cabin made out of wood. As I placed my human foot on the hard ground and shut the door I smelt the stench of Vampier and gaged. As I walked into a room I saw Bella tied to a chair with her eyes closed and blood oozing out of the gash on her head. there was a big red hand mark on the side of her face. Her hand was in an awkward position.
Bella's POV
We got to a small wooden cabin and Edward placed me on a chair. As he tied my hand and feet I asked "why the hell are you doing this to me?" His head shot upwards and look at me then at a door.
"Come in boys!" He quietly said and two boys walked in both pale on had big muscles and the other had a pained look on his face. "we have a chatter box hear!" Edward smirked
"Well if she keeps talking than something bad will happen indeed!" The big one laughed.
"What do you want fro-" I was interrupted by a hand smacking my face. "you touch me one more time and I swear to God it will be the last thing you do!" I growled they all laughed at me. "What you think it funny?" I said just as I managed to slip my wrist out of the rope. I took my chance and swung my fist and the big ones face. Unlucky he caught it and snapped it backwards. I screamed and he smashed my head against the wall. just before I blacked out I saw a bunch of huge wolf out side window and the three boy ran to see what it was.
Sorry it's short and I know I haven't updated I along time. I really hope you like it and please comment and vote luv u all 😘😘

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