Chapter 1

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It was the first day of summer and University was finally over, my academic career has ended, me and my best friend Simi were going to our new apartment.

Being an Indian girl has been hard you know why. Because I have an older sister, my parents always expect more from her because she is clever and she is prettier than me.

I have never had a boyfriend and I don't really go out much. To be honest my parents are a little old fashioned. The whole arranged married shit still stands. But somehow my sister is having a love marriage.

She is a doctor and she is getting married to a boy who she met in uni, however my parents don't know that only I do. She started talking to him in sixth form but hadn't met him till Uni, they set up their parents to talk about them getting married. Little did anyone know that he had already proposed to her so she was bound to agree to this fake/real arranged marriage.

We pulled up to our new apartment and began to take boxes up when a car parked next to ours.

"Hey" a boy got out of the car and smiled, he was hot.

"Hey" I replied seriously is that all you could say.

"I'm Nathan by the way do you need some help" he gestured towards the boxes in my car.

"I'm Priyanka and my friend Simi. Um do you mind lifting the heavier ones please" we all got to work, we carried the boxes and made small talk.

"Hey thanks for your help" I smiled

"No problem neighbour" he smirked. Nathen lived in the apartment next to ours so I had a feeling that we would be seeing each other a lot.

"Hey Nathan me and Priyanka are going out tonight to one of my friends party's do you want to come" why did she have to open her mouth.

"Ye sure is it ok if I bring my roommate"

"Ye be ready at 8"

"Bye Nathan" we both said in unison. He waved and walked out the door.

"Priya you totally like him" she squealed and practically threw herself on me.

"Ye I guess he's cute" I blushed and went to my room.

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