Chapter 2 ( Old Love )

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August Pov

Yeah I smoke , I've cheated before . I think this girl Keyshia different though . She seem like a real rider . She smart and everything. Got a banging body and she might be my wife and everything. Anyways Im on my way to my homeboy Dre house. Bumpin to my song Let Me Hit That.

I pull up to Dre house.

" Wassup Aug "

" Whats poppin ? I see you got a few bitches over here "

" You know the dealio , they always poppin that for a real nigga" Dre said.

" Yeah . But bro Im kind of feeling this girl named Keyshia. She real bad , short and thick . Smart . She all I ever wanted "

" Damn cupid must've been up in yo ass" he chuckled.

" Shit maybe. Ion know though. I got a date with her later . She don't know where we going." Aug said.

" Take her to the beach or some , she gonna love it" Dre said.

" Aight thanks bro . I needed that "

I call up one of my side chicks. It wasnt no strings attatched. She just had that wet wet. Her name was Becky. She good at giving that becky too.

Me and her convo

" Whatup Beck"

" U want som pussy Aug?"

" You already know wassup lil mama"

" Im on my way Aug. Have the shower ready for me "

I hung up. I don't know how this gonna help me get Keyshia , but I needed som pussy and head.

Keyshia Pov

I texted Aug a few hours before he said he was going to pick me up. He did not reply. Must have been having sex with another girl. To kill time I called this boy that I've dated back then. His name is Mario. He real nice and tall and dark like Tyrese.

He answered the phone on the second ring.

" Hey Key"

" How's it going Rio?"

" Its been cool babygirl , I miss you" he said

" I miss you too Rio , its been pretty different since you left for college" I blushed.

" I know . Its kind of fun here. I heard you was talking to some dude at Nikki party?"

" How'd you find out!?" I asked.

" Babygirl just cause im in Atlanta don't mean I dont keep up with whats going on in Cali." He exclaimed

" Well , yeah I did talk to him . We are going on a date later on"

"Where?" He said.

Why did he care? We are not together anymore!

" Its a surprise I guess. Mario I have to go get ready ttyl!"

" Bye Key."

He sounded heart broken , but oh well. He left me when I had only one year of highschool left and we couldve went to college together. I started to put on my red dress that fitted me perfectly. I wore clear lipgloss and a gold purse . I looked good.

August Pov

Its almost 8pm and Becky hasnt left my house. She needs to go . Anyways I got dressed in my all white jeans and my button down shirt . I had on some jordans. I decided that I was going to take Keyshia to a restaurant.

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