The Peter Pan Effect

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No one really wants to grow up. Growing up means responsibility, loss, sadness, pain, hope, love. It means that you have to make the tough decisions. You finally learn more about yourself. You find out the lies your friends kept from you. The secrets you all hid. You change drastically, counting down the days until you're an adult. You laugh and pretend that you can still be young. That you can still party and run around without a care in the world. But then reality slaps you in the face. It takes you out of that phase that we like to call The Peter Pan Effect. Because you can't stay young. One day you grow up.

And you leave yourself behind.


This book is basically like Skins, the UK TV show. If you've ever watched it then its the best comparison I can give you. It has a very similar feel and setup.

Warning:  Contains swearing, drug and substance abuse, homophobia, racism and violence. Any opinions and themes are from the minds of the characters, no offense intended.

This story has characters from many parts of the LGBTQ+ community, including drag queens. If that isn't your thing, then this is not the book for you. Opinions are of course allowed but any kind of hate will immediately be removed.

The book is written similar to a TV show. There are many characters and lots of moving pieces but they all work together to help the plot. This book is a slice of life and is the perspectives of multiple people as they get through the end of school and how their life pans out after that.

This book is a FIRST DRAFT. There are some mistakes and typos and probably one or two small plot holes. I only post the first drafts online because it helps me from getting plagiarized. Hope you understand.

- Tahlie x

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