Chapter 25: Truth Revealed

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While I was walking I wasn't so sure if I should be going on a mission but I have to do what I got to do, ya know. When I arrived at the guild it was the same old, same old. Mirajane and the other girls waved at me to join them at the bar. "Hey Lu-Chan! You feeling better?" Levy asked.

"Yeah, thanks." I smiled. Cana chugged down half a beer bottle then looked at me suspiciously, "You look fat." she said. Everyone sweatdropped from what she said. "Well thanks..." I rolled my eyes.

" Not fat as in food fat.... You just look bloated like.... pregnant fat." she smiled. About 5 seconds passed and they all were eyeballing me except Erza and Levy. "Lucy.... your not pregnant, are you?" Mira asked.

I started to feel anxious. "Hey, is there any good missions?" I started to walk away until Cana grabbed me by the waist and started rubbing my stomach. "Yeah, would you look at that! You can tell she's pregnant." she laughed.

All the other girls squealed making me shush them. "You can't even tell I'm pregnant. You just got lucky and guessed ." I told Cana but she was passed out already. "You should've told us at least Lucy!" Mira squealed.

"Aw! Juvia is so happy for you!" Juvia gave a genuine smile. "So who's the baby daddy?" Erza smirked. "Is it Juvias precious Gray-sama?!" Juvia turned into that overprotective scary mode. I shook my head frantically, calming her down.

"I...uh.. I don't know." I answered. They were all quiet for a bit. "Well I was hoping for you to say Sting or Natsu. But what do you mean, I don't know ?" Mira asked. I bit my lip. "I think. I think I need to take a DNA test. To know who's the father." I stated. They all gasped. "You mean, you slept with both Sting and Natsu?" Levy asked, I nodded. "It was a mistake. Trust me, it wasn't intentional." I answered.

They all looked at each other unsure. "Look I'm going on a mission, I'll see you guys later." I left them alone to have their own chat and over to the mission board. But Mira came rushing towards me with a sack, a heavy looking sack but no a huge sack, just one that could fit in your hand. "Wait! Lucy! Here, take this instead." she handed it over.

"What is this?" I shook it a bit and you could hear metal klinking around inside. It sounded like money. My eyes went wide. "Oh...oh no no.. I'm not going to take money from you. That's just wrong." I handed it back but she gave a genuine smile and shook her head. "Not just from me. The rest of the girls pitched in. We want you to buy whatever you want for you and the baby. Or just stuff you want." she waved as she ran off back to the bar.

A smile grew across my face and I waved goodbye as I walked out the guild doors. The rest of the day was just tiring but the good thing was that I was shopping, so eh. After, I was done shopping I had about 7 bags worth of things that I carried home by myself. When I walked in I literally just dumped them everywhere and plopped onto my bed.

The first thing I wanted to do was take a bath and that's exactly what I did.


"Ahh! So fresh." I smiled, walking out the bathroom in only a white bath towel wrapped around my body and another wrapped around my head, keeping my hair inside. From there I walked to my dresser but on the way I noticed something different. Something missing. My pregnancy test.

"No... No! Where is it!?" I freaked out. I went scavenging for it for about an hour and I came to a conclusion that it was long gone. Just gone ! "Where the hell did it go?"

Sting POV

"........huh." I looked at it closely. What is it? I asked myself. It was a long plastic stick thing with a small sign on it showing '+'.

"Yo, Rogue!" I shouted. He came in and asked what I needed. But when he saw what I had in my hand he chuckled softly. "Dude. Sting. I knew you were a girl but now I have actual proof." I just mimicked him in an annoying voice then asked what it was.

"Sting, where'd you even get that? You know it's been in a girls piss?" he asked. I scowled, "EW." I dropped it on the floor and wiped my hands on my pants since I had no shirt on. "I found it in Lucy's apartment."

His body froze. "Sting.....on top of it. Did it have a plus sign.....?" Rogue asked slowly and quietly. I nodded and he shook his head rapidly. "STING! Did you sleep with Lucy!?" he yelled. Wow. I've never seen him be so emotional.

"Yo, man. That's my business. And that especially is classified." I laid back onto my bed. "Sting answer the question!" he demanded.

"Whoa.... Fine fine. Yeah. I slept with her. What's the big deal?" I asked, he shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. "And by any chance, Sting.... did you guys use protection?"

I shook my head. "We didn't have any at the time so we didn't use one." But it seemed as if the more I talked the more annoyed he'd get. "Sting I hope you an Lucy are on good terms right now. Or are on good terms at all."

I gave him a certain look. "Well. Something happened today, I'm not sure if we are on good terms or not."

"STING YOU IDIOT!!!" he screamed. "Dude. Rogue. I knew you were girl but now I have actual proof. Is it that time of the month for you?" I snorted. He just made a derpy face and faked laugh. "So funny."

"Thanks. I try." I smiled. But he got back to business. "On the serious side Sting. You need to be on good terms with Lucy."

"Why?" I asked, He literally facepalmed. "You idiot !! You got Lucy pregnant!!" he shouted. My eyes widened. "Huh?"

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