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Angel above^^
Angel pov:
Hi guy I already know you guys a little about me but let me add some more. So as you know I'm six and I'm Black, Hawaiian,Cuban, and White my dad was Black and Hawaiian and my mom was Cuban and White. I have long curly black hair  that I got from my mom and I have my dad's gray eyes but they change colors depending on my mood. I stay aunt Sues orphanage and nobody like me. But I don't care. I can sing and rap and I can dance hip hop. I also can do gymnastics and basket ball. I had a older a bother name Xzavier and he was 18. On the day of the accident I was at my friends Gabby house and he was out of two with his Friends for the summer break and I never seen him again but I hope one day I see him again. I bet you wonder why I didn't just live with gabby but I couldn't because her parents just had a set of triplets so they couldn't take care of me so I had no choice but go to the orphanage and leave my brother and my home.But let me go and get ready some body is coming to adopted one of us. Bye !!!!

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