Zayn: "Oh my god, it's Y/N and Zayn!!" you heard a girly voice say from behind you. You mentally prayed she wasn't a crazy fan. You gently let go of Zayn's hand to turn around and look at the girl. 

"Hi! Omg I love you so much!" she said excitedly with a big smile on her face.

"Hi, I love you too. What's your name?" Zayn said just as excited. You loved seeing Zayn interact with fans. The way he lit up when he saw a fan warmed your heart. 

"Sorry I love you too Zayn, but I was talking to Y/N," she said nervously. You were a little shocked. Most fans don't really pay attention to you. "Can we take a picture together?" You nodded and smiled at her. You guys took a cute selfie and hugged her. You got her twitter and found out she had a fanpage for you. After saying your goodbyes, you and Zayn continued your walk in the city.

"I guess fans like me more than you babe," you said.

"Don't go stealing my spotlight now," he pouted his bottom lip. 

"Oh shut up," you said and kissed him. 

This sucks to no end

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