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I've had a few readers asking about commissions, so I wanted to address it really quickly. I am ALWAYS open for commissions, whether for an x-reader series, OC fic, self-insert, or something else you'd like. You can find my commissions page on both Etsy and Fiverr. I have two options: a standard commission and love letters! A standard commission would be something akin to a story like this one! A love letter is a letter addressed to whom ever you like from a MHA character of choice. If you are interested, please check out my commission pages and let me write you the fic of your dreams! :D

(Etsy- MyHeroComfortLetters )(Fiverr- mvwhite97 )


As a thanks for all my followers across my writing platforms, I'll be holding a giveaway and a contest for all my followers! You can win one-shots, mini-series, OC fics, x-readers, continuations of finished series, and more! 

MUST BE FOLLOWING ME, but new followers are welcome to join.

Wattpad - 12k+

Quotev- 1.5k+

AO3 - 600+

All information is inside of the book, so please check it out!I will link the book here, but if it does not work, it should be located on my page near the top of recently updated works. I hope to see you there and hope you win something as well!



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