how they met (1)

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Kara was walking down a street when- someone suddenly shouted "GET OUT OF THE WAY" it was Aidan

He was pushing Hero who was in a shopping cart

Kara was shocked, she couldn't move at all, but thankfully Aki got her out of the was before Hero and Aidan crashed

Aki asked "Are you okay miss?"
"Sorry for the trouble caused by my friends"

Kara replied "oh it's no problem at all and My name is Kara what about yours?"

"I'm Aki, the one who shouted was Aidan and the boy sitting inside the cart is Toshihiro-san but we call him Hero"

"Oh nice to meet you" she said calmly "I am gonna go now take care" she walks away smiling...
"You too Kara"

              .....To be continued.....


Hero: *fainted*
Aidan: *fainted but woke up after a few seconds*
Hero: *Dead*
Aidan: H-Hero are you okay? *starts to cry* HEROOOOO U CAN'T LEAVE MEEEE
Aki: Aidan.  What are you even talking about.. he just fainted
Aidan: huh? Really...but his face...

but his face

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*rip him*

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