My Master

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A/N this is my first sex slave vampire story so bare with me an give me some tips if I do it wrong I hope yall enjoy:) oh and can someone pretty pretty please make a cover for this??? please ill love you forever!:)

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Chapter 1


My names Jassica an I just turned 16. To most people this means cars, partys, and freedom. Well where I live which is a secret island off the cost of Japan called Troisy Island turning 16 had a completely diffrent meaning.....You get sold into slavery to vampires.

Stupid vampires think they can run our life! Its completely old age and sick.

So back to my point here I am laying in my bed wide awake completely scared becouse I just turned 16.... In a few minutes slavery guards will be at my house taking me to the auction cells. A person can stay in the auction cells for hours or years it verys from your appell to the masters.

"Sissy im ganna miss you so much"

I look over an see my little sister Abby with tears streaming down her face. Just the sight almost made me brake down she looked so innocent and broken. Thankfully she will never have to go through this since they only choose the first born.

"Listen Abby you have to be strong and not worry for me. Ok?"

"Ill try sissy but im ganna miss you so much"

I got up an ran to her engulfing her in a hug. I wraped my arms around her an set down with her in my lap. I dont know how long we set like that. Me rocking her an her letting out quiet whimpers. It would be a very strong moment if the next thing didnt happen.

Mom and dad ran into the room looking just as bad as Abby. Tear streaks running down there faces and smudged make up on my mothers face.

"Oh my baby is leaving me" my mother screamed. She looked half crazy an my dad looked like he was ready to knock out a vampire any moment. If this moment wasnt so bad id be tempted to laugh but I stoped by biting my lip.

"Mom , dad I love you both but you have got to stop this and be strong for yourselfs and Abby. Shes only had me as a sister for 6 years and shes going to miss me. Also maybe ill get a nice master and they'll grant me my freedom back after a few years. Ive heard of that happening a couple of times.."

"Shes right honey we cant assum the bad right off the bat" my father said while looking at me and mother.

"well okay if you say so honey but-"


"um ill get the door"

My mom hesitated then finally walked to the door.

"Were looking for Jessica Wright"a strange husky voice said. I took in a deep breath an stood up takeing slow reluctant steps to the front door.

"H-Hello im Jessica" I shyly stuttered.

"Come with us. It is your 16th birthday and today you are to be in slavery to a master. You will be held in cell under ground until you catch a vampires eye. Then and only then will you come out of the holding cells. Your new master will then explain to you the rules for his home an life. Until then we will take you to the auction house an have a officer explain the rules and regulations of the holding cells to you and what you will expect. Now come with us"

I stood there taking in all of the new information. I turned to my family and huged them then walked out of my house ...or old house as it is now to get into a black lemo with the two slavery guards.