WAIT! He's real?! Chapter 1

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Wait! He's real?! Chapter One


"Hi Garrett. My name is Avery Elise Quinn. I know everything about you. I know we just met, and this is kind of weird, but I am pretty sure I made you up..."

Those were the words that came out of my mouth when I met the man I already love.


I am Avery. I am 17 and a senior at San Clemente high school. My friends challenged me at the beginning of the summer to get a boyfriend. That challenge is quite difficult for someone who has never even been on a date...

Needless to say, that didn't happen. I was way too scared. I went away for the last month of summer to visit some family. My friends called a couple times a week to see if I had met anyone. The second to last week...I lied. I told them I met someone. His name was Garrett Cross.

He is the perfect boy. The perfect figment of my imagination.

So here we are, the first day of my senior year and my friends want to hear all about: my new boyfriend.

I pulled into my parking spot and my nerves amplified. Lucy, Gemma, and Rae, my best friends, were all waiting by for me by Lucy's car. The second my hand touched the handle, the door was ripped from my grasp as my so-called friends ambushed me.


Or, at least that's what I heard when all of them started yelling at me at once...

"AVEY BABY!" Gemma yelled. She was the only person allowed to call me that. "I've missed you so much!" she said as she strangled me into a hug.

"Girl, you have some MAJOR spilling to do!" Rae practically broke my eardrum, wrapping her arms around me, too. I swear, my friends only have one volume: LOUD.

"Avery, have you done something different with your look?" Lucy, was always the calm, collected one. I shot her a thankful glance, as she changed the subject. She read me so well. 'Uncomfortable' was a face I was going to wear often...

"Aves, I believe, you owe us some explanation..." Rae started as I braced myself for the worst. "...as to WHY you look sooo good!!!" I sent up a silent prayer of gratitude and smiled at my friends. I truly did miss them. I just wish they weren't so nuts, sometimes.

"Um, well," I didn't really think I had changed that much over the summer," I guess I got more tan and my hair is a little bit longer...I really don't see what you guys are talking about, really."

"What?! You're crazy!" Gemma interjected, "You see yourself everyday. We haven't seen you for an ENTIRE MONTH!" She spoke as if it had been a century. "Give me your ID card from last year," she demanded.

I dug them out of my shoulder bag, handed them over, and watched as the three of them began to analyze. They were so focused. They looked like a bunch of scientists digesting the latest discovery. I laughed at them in my head.

They looked down at the card, then back at me. Down, up, down, up, down, up.

"HOLY CRAP, AVERY!" Lucy screamed, "I mean, I am so sorry for yelling...and my language. It's just, A, you look so different. I always thought you were pretty, but seriously, you're a knock-out!" Rae and Gemma nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

"But...I...nothing has changed! I got tan; my hair is long. So what?!" I stammered. I was, really not believing what they were saying. "I am still the same Avery, guys..."

"Of course you are, Aves! We love you for that! We are just so happy that this transformation, not that you needed one, got you this new male friend of yours!" Rae gushed. My heart caught in my throat. I thought I had been in the clear.

"Do we have to talk about this now?" I asked, pretending to be shy about it.

"YES!" they all shouted at me simultaneously.


"Ha! HA! Get to class, losers!" I yelled as I ran off to first period. Saved by the bell...

***A/N: Hi guys! My name is Maili (said like miley, but i def had this name first. and my name is hawaiian.) Now, this is my first story on wattpad, but it is going to get really good i promise. its not too far along and nothing exciting has happened yet, but hang in there!!! this is actually partially a true story... haha its inspired from real events in my life. so i hope you like it? i also appreciate all feedback. good and bad!*** ****** THE EBOOK AND PAPERBACK VERSIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!**********

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