Anger Fuelled Confession's

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It's been a few weeks since Jake and I admitted our true feelings to one another. Thinking of
that night still gives me butterflies. The more time I spend with Jake, the deeper I fall in love with him. Our relationship is stronger than ever now that I've come to the terms that he may not be perfect but he's perfect for me.

The hype over our new unexpected relationship is beginning to die down in college. The envious stares are becoming less frequent and the loud obnoxious conversations are now hushed whispers.

Ivory is practically a best friend to me and has
joined mine and Trish's little friendship circle.

Everything is going pretty damn great.

I'm at the local food supermarket, pushing the trolley whilst Ivory browsed the shelves. I glance down at my watch, noticing we've been frozen in place for the past ten minutes, in the junk food aisle.

"Delicious," Ivory grins, her eyes lighting up. She lunges for a bag of Toffee popcorn and drops it into the shopping cart. I glance down at it and grimace at the contents of our trolley. It's practically full of sugar and processed crap.

"Ivory, shouldn't we cut back a little on our sugar intake?" I groan, nudging the trolley into her back gently. She gasps over dramatically and turns around, her hand on her heart.

"No! I love sugar, ok?" she huffs, causing me to roll my eyes at her drama queen attitude.

"Okay," I shrug, grabbing a box of golden balls off the shelves which are practically full of sugar. I know I'm a hypocrite but when it comes to Golden Balls, I don't care.

"Ooh, you just reminded me! We need milk." Ivory said, walking down the aisle. She stops before turning around —

"I'll be five minutes Em."

I nod at her, pushing the cart into the next aisle which thank god, is fruit and vegetables.

I grabbed some bananas, oranges and apples throwing them into the cart, grateful for fresh, colourful foods.


I whipped my head round and came face to face with Mum. She was carrying a basket and her dark hair was pulled away from her face into a tightly swept back ponytail. She had dark circles underneath her eyes and her eyes were flat, emotionless.

"Mum." I said bluntly, taking a small step back.

It was so weird to see her after all this time.

"You look good," she smiled tightly at me and I scoffed -

"Only because I haven't been beaten recently." I spat back, my anger still fresh towards her.

I rolled my eyes and walked away from her, wanting to get as far away as I could. The pain was still raw and I don't think I'll ever overcome it. She stood back and allowed me to be beaten for years by someone who was practically a stranger. Mum held out her hand and took hold of my arm, stopping me in my tracks.

"Emily, wait! Please." she pleaded. The anger in me died down a little at her desperate tone and I turned towards her, avoiding eye contact.

I wasn't ready for that just yet.

"Come home." she said quietly, murmuring her words. Am I hearing this right?

"Ever since you introduced that monster into my life, he has beaten me black and blue! He's nothing but a violent, cowardly man. You're my mum, you're supposed to take care of me!"

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