I'm Only a Pawn in a Game of Chess

The ferry ride to Dania was excruciatingly dreary. My whole life felt like it was a lie. I found my mom's diary in my aunt's house a week ago. I asked Aunt Merideth about it, but she didn't give me much information. I read through the entire diary in one night. It basically said how she gave me to Aunt Merideth soon after I was born, in order to keep me safe. I personally thought it was just an excuse to make me hate her less. I was probably a drunken mistake of some sort. Either way, I didn't stick around to find out.

I found out my real dad lived in this place called Dania. It was a small island near Maryland that no one really knew about it. It was uncharted for all I knew. The island wasn't in any computer files on Google, and no maps told me the exact location. The closest I got to finding this place was my own Aunt's knowledge, which was limited.

So here I was, going to a place I didn't know existed, living on a whim. I didn't want to be constantly reminded of what my mom had done to me by living with Aunt Merideth. She was so odd, and tried to get me to do normal things like her other teenage daughter and son did. I wasn't one to play football, like Jared, nor join cheerleading, like Mackenzie. I was on softball freshman year, but that was it. I joined yearbook the year after, and theater after that, but nothing ever worked out. I eventually just gave up after junior year.

My senior year was half over, and I already transferred to Danis' only high school, planning on graduating and getting to know my real dad before I went to college to never see my family again, if I could help it. I didn't understand the big deal Aunt Merideth was doing by forcing me to stay with her for so long. I couldn't believe that she kept my dad a secret. She probably knew where my mom was, too! The nerve of that woman to keep such important information from me. I was almost eighteen for crying out loud! Did she not think I was mature enough to handle my own parents by now?

I turned off my iPod and settled in the bunk bed of the ferry I was assigned to. I looked up at the foggy skyline, adjusting myself until I was at the right temperature to be comfortable enough to fall asleep. For the middle of March, the ferry's rooms were very hot. In a matter of minutes, the heat dragged me into a slumber filled with weird dreams.

"One of us is going to die tonight." The deep voice haunted in my ear. My body was hot with anticipation to feel the blade cut my throat, or pierce my stomach. It was only a matter of time before I was finished off. He had the upper hand as he held a knife while I had nothing.

"Please don't do this. I thought you cared!" In my dreams, it never felt like I was speaking, but somehow I was, but I couldn't exactly control my voice.

"Oh please. How could I let anything get in the way of winning? Clearly my survival is more important than yours." The words sliced through me just as painfully as the knife wound I was sure to endure in a few moments.

"Fine then. If I'm so unimportant, then finish me." I whispered. How could I be so vulnerable? "But just know that you'll regret everything you do."

I momentarily caught a blurry glimpse of the stranger my dream body saw. It was a man my age with dirty blonde hair, but the image was too creative for my brain to make out any specific details. All I knew was that he peered over me intimidating as ever, with a sharp object in his hand.

"And to think I loved you." That was the last thing I heard before the knife plunged into my heart.

I woke up with the jolt of being killed in my dream. I shivered even though my body showed perspiration. I wrapped my arms around my legs and curled under the blankets, trying to evaluate the dream. It felt real, but still hazy because it indeed was a dream. I never really had dreams like this. They were usually about the last thing I watched on TV or about a book I read before bed, but never something my mind completely made up.

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