In love with my best friend (lesbian) 2

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chapter 2

here i am sitting in the car on my way home. I think i should tell Chelsea atleast that I'm bi. We got home by this time and i ran up stairs, jumped on my bed. I texted Chelsea 'hey chels how was school?',sucks that we dont go to the same school. I decided to text Ashley as well. I had fun today with her, lots of fun. I would want her to be my girlfriend. She definitley had a nice body, and nice hair. So i texted her ' hey babe i had lots of fun today ;D'

just then chelsea replied ' it was good i miss you. you wanna come over saturday? u can sleep over too?'.. i quickly replied ' yeahh i would love too. and chelsea i need to tell you something'. I was scared, what if she never talked to me again for being bi? i know for sure shes gonna act different around me. I dont want to lose her.

Ashley replied ' yeahh you want to be my girlfriend?' i thought for about it for a few seconds.. ' sure i would love too'. and she said she had to go real quick. Chelsea replied' yeah what is it?' i was scared again. i dont do i really wanna take the chances of ruining our friendship? i replied ' well im gonna be honest chelsea, i'm bi and i have a girlfriend'. I quickly pressed send before i regret it. Great who knows whats gonna happen now. i grabbed my bangs and tossled them, dam curls i thought. Then she texted back ' ohh... im still gonna love you either way sandra. You mean alot to me your my best friend and tht will never change.'  i sighed with relief. ' thanks chelsea, have to go i have my drum lessons'.

Quickly grabbed some jeans and pulled them on, and drum sticks.And ran out the door. I was always late as my sister and brother were in the car yelling at me to hurry up. ' Sandra damm your soo slow hurry up' ' yeahh whtever'.

Grabbed my head phones on full blast an ignored them the whole way. Got there kinda early so i went outside behind the buildings. I knew some girls behind here who i get some of my stuff from.

i asked Vanessa ' you got any today?' she replied 'yeah' and handed me my viocdin. I loved this shit. I became addicted after an accident snowboarding, sprained my back, neck and i had head injuries so i used it as a pain reliever and became addicted. Chelsea would get so mad. Just then vanessa grabbed me by my shirt and kissed me.. She usually does.

I guess you could say im a player. I didnt really care, i liked being single cause then i could do whatever i want. So i kissed vanessa back. I quickly thought wait Ashley. i pushed off vanessa ' wait stop i have a girlfriend i dont cheat.' she replies ' its okay she doesnt have to know' 

'nah im better than that' grabbed my things and went into my lesson.

45 mins later...

finally donee had fun. Cant wait for our show. Got in the car and went home. I was to tired for any party.. I love fridays. And went to bed

woke up. Yes its saturday get to see chelsea, my mom goes to my grandmas a few blocks away so she drops me off first. i got there waiting outside for chelsea to come outside and open the gate.

'sandra!' chelsea yelled. I smiled as i watch her run over and hug me. Oh how i love her so much. ' hey chels i didnt think you would miss me this much' she replied with a smack ' of course i do, your my best friend'.. yeahh only best friend n frowned. 'whats wrong?' she asked.

'nothing lets go inside' i said. and grabbed my things. I jumped on the sofa , it was early her parents were still asleep. I changed the channel ' your not gonna cuddle me no more?' she asked. ' of course i will come here' and grabbed her waist and wrapped my arms around her as we lay on the couch. I love her , holding onto her.

   Chelsea has been threw alot. I had her against my chest as she lay next to me. ' chelsea can i kiss your neck?' i asked ' ahhh um sure'. ' well idk depends if im in the mood' i said. And with that i kissed her cheek and trailed down to her neck. I loved kissing her skin, so soft, i wanted her soo bad. Should i kiss her?

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