Chapter 18

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"Hai Guang?"

"They've won the past two nationals."

"Why did you come here?"

"Did you get lost or something?" Lu Jia asks

"I am a spy."

"A spy? Are you kidding me?" Huang Jing steps closer but one of the boys stops him

"Jing!" Lu Jia glares at the boy who looks at her confused, why she acting like he was about to fight her boyfriend or something

"What are you doing here instead of practicing?"

"You are... You're Captain Siyang, right?"

"Is this kid just plain dumb or a good ass actor?" Lu Jia murmurs to herself with a smirk

"My senior is interest in you."

"That's fruity."

"What are you doing here?" Dayong asks ignoring Lu Jia

"I just want to play a game. Can I?"

"People who do not belong to our tennis team cannot stay here."

"Why, Captain Siyang? I only came here to have a game with you. Don't be so serious."

"Plus, it could be a sort of training captain." Lu Jia says as Dayong pushes her back before glaring at her

"You'll get tired if you have a poker face all the time. You can try something like this." He pushes the ends of his lips up making Lu Jia chuckle

"Don't be rude to our captain. Go away!" Jing sends a ball towards the boy who stops it while doing a cool trick

"Wow, that's so cool!" The girl says impressed 

"Don't interrupt me when I'm talking. Siyang, I mean no harm. I just want to have a game with you. But your attitude... Is it because you fear me? I will crush you."

"Alright little guys, that's enough." Lu Jia quickly leaves Dayong side before he can catch her "This is going to far and you probably have your own training at your school with your team." She smiles pating his shoulder

"I'm just kidding." He chuckles "Hey, the guy behind me. Here's your ball." Before sending it at Jing, accidently hitting Mu making the balls fall which ended up with Xing Long slipping on one making him fall on top of both Jing and Mu

The balls hits Baiyang, Lu Jia whispering a small curse "Okay, dude. For real, leave before even I can't help you out." She says 

"Who did that?!" Lu Jia cowers as the boy gasps seeing Baiyang, Yuan Chi grabs his things quickly before running away as Mu, Jing and Dayong try to stop Baiyang

"What are you-" He's cut off by Lu Jia

"BAIYANG!" Lu Jia screams making him stop "What are you doing?!" The captain smiles softly before turning serious again

"I'm punishing you all. Run 50 laps." Lu Jia stands besides the captain with her hands on her hips nodding


"Siyang, Yan. Did Yuan Chi of Hai Guang come here?" Siyang makes a sound of affirmation "The provincial competitions are coming. Our opponents will be much stronger. It's inevitable to meet Xing Yao if we win the next two games. We have to strengthen ourselves."

"Coach, don't worry. To wipe away the disgrace of our loss last year, I've researched them well. Besides their outstanding players, like Ji Jingwu, Tian Zilong and Bai Shiting, I also recorded detailed data on Xing Yao and Hai Guang."

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