Chapter 6: The heart needs a little of me, myself, and time.

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 Chapter 6: The heart needs a little of me, myself, and time.

From Liam’s POV:

I couldn’t just tell her the truth right there and there, I thought to myself. I mean she looked more beautiful than ever even when she thought she was looking a mess because of her rough night before. Her gorgeous black hair that fell right over her shoulder, her petite figure, her hazel eyes everything makes her just so beautiful.  Darlyn just means so much to me, facing the truth would mean to hurt her and she didn’t deserve that. But she also didn’t deserve being lied to. How come I couldn’t put my man pants on and let her know that I had kissed Danielle and that the feelings that she had opened up once again within me. I didn’t know what to do of myself. All these thoughts clogged up my mind as we laid there together in her bed. Our warm bodies that perfectly match each other, there was no way I could break her like this.  After having spent some time with Darlyn I had to fly back out a day after. Back in the recording studio I felt like a mess, I was confused more than ever.  I didn’t know where my heart belonged, if with Darlyn or Danielle.  I left as I sat in the couch watching the other lads as they would joke around playing back their solos.

“Hey mate, what’s going on?” asked Louis as Niall, Zayn, and Harry kept playing back and forth their solos and melodies for our new song. “I know there is something you’re not telling me, and that’s fine. But whatever it is you know you can talk to me. You know that right?” said Louis reassuring Liam. “Yeah I know mate, thanks. But your right there is something I’m not telling you and I haven’t told anyone yet… Basically Danielle and I kissed.” I just finally confessed.

“What!” Louis shouted out in amazement. “What? When? Where? How did this happen?” he just asked in less than seconds.  “Well we kissed on Ruth’s birthday dinner. She showed up there unexpectedly. Well at least that’s what I think. I think my older sister invited her and I basically confronted her and she just said she still loved me and kissed me. And basically kissed her back and since then she has been calling and texting me.” I fully explained. “No way! So what are you going to do now?” Louis’s just stared at me with a serious face. “Well…” and I paused. “Mate, you’re not serious right? Are you still in love with her? Are you really considering this?” as his jaw fell wide opened. I stood up as I placed both of my hands in the back of my head pacing the room from side to side just thinking within all the mixed emotions that were running through my heart, clogging up my head.

“Oh My God! I cannot believe this. So what about Darlyn? What happens with her now? She is a lovely girl Liam; you can’t break her heart like this. How can you keep talking to Darlyn, while talking to Danielle at the same time? Darlyn doesn’t even know does she?” Louis was furious. He had always had the mates back but this was different because he didn’t want me to be hurt again by Danielle, and he didn’t want Darlyn to be hurt either, she was a great girl and everyone just loved her. “It’s not fair for her I know, but the thing is I love both Darlyn and Danielle. I don’t know what to do? I feel torn” I said angrily. “Im sorry Liam but you need to clear things out before this ends up badly for all three of you. You need to go and talk to Darlyn as soon as possible mate.” as he just got up grabbed his water bottle and passed right by me and left the room to join in the others with a speechless expression on his face. I could tell Louis was more pissed off than anything at the situation. Even though he was all fun and games, he never agreed on playing with someone’s feeling and neither did I which was the reason that made everything else so much harder. I was left alone to make a decision of who I going to go back with if  I go back with my troubled “first true love” Danielle, or for the girl who had made me believe all over again in love and I could see myself being with Darlyn. 

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