Chapter 3: NYC meets VIP

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Chapter 3: NYC meets VIP


The day had arrived for us to fly over to New York City; yes that’s right The Big Apple. How in the world would we get around the city that never sleeps, that was way out of my mind for someone who had never flown out of state.  As my nerves were trying to get the best of me I knew I had to control them I was in charge of two ecstatic little girls with me. Flying with two over the top excited teenagers was really tiring. I had to constantly remind them to make sure that they had everything they brought with them together, because they had a tendency to lose everything. The oldest one Raquel was pretty much your crazy average teenager who would talk you in to situations and would never shut up. She was extremely outgoing, and sometimes it could be a little bit too much. The youngest one Gracie, she was quieter, though she was outgoing too she just had a little tendency to be more introvert. She liked hanging out with her closest friend and just talks about their favorite celebrity crushes, movies, and so on.

As soon as we arrived to New York there was a limo waiting for us that took us straight to our hotel. When we opened the doors to our suite, it almost blew out our minds off. We had a tremendous sighting over Central Park, and you could see people running with their dogs in the middle of the night, everything light up it was great feeling. “This is unbelievable! When do we get to meet them?” they both kept asking me out loud. Suddenly, Paul Higgins One Direction’s bodyguard comes in the room and knocks on the door lightly as it was slightly open anyways. “Hello girls, how have you found everything?” he smiled as he move forward approaching us. “Paul!!” both girls screamed out loud at the top of their lungs, as they ran to hug him. “Girls! Be careful! I’m so sorry they are super excited and they are big fans” I jumped in quickly trying to pull them away from him.“Big Fans, huh!” as he hugged them back and while looking at me like it was okay. “Yeahhhh” I agreed with my sarcastic smile. “Well I hope you are excited. You are three lucky fans who are going to meet the lads very soon.” he told us.  “Yay!”said both girls.

Hours before the concert started we went to the band’s sound check. While walking in to the venue and meeting Paul in the hall, we could hear from outside the voice of all the boys harmonizing so very clearly. There was one certain voice that caught my attention, but since I wasn’t a big fan of them like my little sisters I wouldn’t know who was who. So I asked them “Hey who is singing?” and it literally took my sisters two seconds for them to reply right back “That’s Liam.” said Raquel and in matter of seconds I heard  as Gracie blurted out “And he is so cute.”  “Huh, not bad he actually does sound good.” While in my head I wondered how he even looked like in person. Yeah I had seen photographs and videos but I never paid attention to well. All I know is that his voice just captivated me it was like hearing the voice of an angel. He had a little Usher sound on his falsettos and his smooth voice just made my heart race.

Paul had us waiting in this dressing room where they boys did meet and greets, and it had a lot of merchandise that they will be selling on their tour. We sat in white couches just like we were instructed until the boys came in. I don’t know who was more nervous and excited if the girls or myself. I don’t know how my little sisters were going to react and I was a little worried we might need more than two bodyguards to restrain them from getting to attached to the boys in any case, shape, or form. As I sat there my fingers just fidgeted with each other and my feet shaking slowly to a tempo, as I saw my little sisters continuously mouth to each other “Oh My God, we are going to meet One Direction!!”. Then we heard the door that faced in front of us unlock and open widely towards us. First came in Zayn, then Louis, Niall, Harry, and at last Liam. Zayn and Harry said “Hi”, Louis said “Hi Babes”, Niall said “Hello”, and at last Liam said “Hey Beautiful”. They all said hi to us as they hugged us and told us how great it was to finally meet us.  As expected my little sisters quickly ran up to each and every one of the guy’s just admiring them, filling them with compliments, and telling them how much they loved them. They kind of embarrassed me a little when they started telling them how amazingly hot and attractive they were in person, though they reassured them that in their albums too. We all laughed as my mouth fell wide open in amazement and I shook my head from side to side. We all had small talk and as they showered us with a bag that had their band’s logo printed in the front filled in with merchandise goodies from the tour.  They asked us where we were from, our ages, and who we where.

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