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Im Nana as Emily

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Emily's POV

After I was done with my shower, I put on my Mickey Mouse pajama and collected the sweater and basketball short. I looked at my reflection on my bathroom mirror. I have long legs, an okay body, long, silky dirty blonde hair, although my original hair color is dark (brown or black), and soft big, brown eyes matched with my milky skin tone. I had inherited my father's eyes, from what I saw on our family portrait when I was born. I could stare at it forever, the color is calming and reminds me of how my father's personality would have been if he was still alive: kind-hearted, caring, warm, and loving. I shouldn't think about depressing things.

I grabbed the clothes and went downstairs. I found my nanny, Ms. Anderson, and asked how the washer worked. She was frozen and said she could do it but after cooking the ramen, I wanted to actually do my own thing from now on. My nanny smiled and said to follow her. She taught me how it worked and from then on, I told her that I would do my own laundry. She just looked at me confusingly and nod her head in agreement. I laughed in my head at her funny face and went to find my butler. Although he's a butler, he does the grocery shopping instead of my nanny. His excuse was that Ms. Anderson had a lot of other chores to do in the house so he'll do the going outside and buying the ingredients, but I know it's because he loves going outside and taking a breather out of this boring house, plus he knows his stuff so he's fast; another bonus point was that he was also my driver.

I found him in the kitchen, where he was checking the fridge to see what he should buy tomorrow, since it will be Sunday (perfect day to grocery shop to stack up for the upcoming week). I sneakily tip toe towards him as a mouse. "Yes, Miss Em?" Dang it! "Come on Joe! Can't you at least pretend like Ms. Anderson for once and be shock?" I asked defeated. "It's just in my nature to not pretend when there's danger around me and the people I should protect." he said rather calmly. It's true, he used to be a military sergeant, Sergeant Harris, before taking this position as my butler. Not going to lie, I love the fact that I don't have to worry about my safety in his hand. "Fine! Anyway, add ramen noodles, eggs and a few vegetables to your list of grocery, please and thank you!" I said happily. "Ramen noodles?" he said confused but put it on his list anyway. Hehe.

I went to check on the laundry and found that it was finished. I put it in the dryer and went to watch T.V. in the living room. Ms. Anderson walked in and joined me. A few minutes later, Joe came and sat with us as well. We were watching re-run of Friends (best show ever!). After 20 minutes, the clothes were dried. I smelled it but the enticing smell of Dina's son was gone and replaced with my smell. It left me disappointed. I folded the sweater and basketball pant neatly and put them in a bag, so that I can return them tomorrow. It was now 12:15 a.m. I went to my bedroom and took my sleeping pills. I only take them because of the horrifying dreams I have every night about suffocating and the unknown man. After a few minutes of just laying there, I went to my happy dreamland.


Dylan's POV

Today is Saturday, which means I have to work at the café from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. After that I work at a warehouse a couple of blocks away from my house, carry boxes and loading trucks, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. They usually let me take a 30 minutes break, which allows me to go home to get late lunch/dinner at home. However, today was an unusual day. As I finished my lunch/dinner, I was washing my plates and spoon when I hear Dina screaming my name from outside. I quickly ran outside, only to find my mother shaking a girl, asking if she was alright. At first, I froze because the girl was beautiful. She had a small face and cute nose. "Dylan, help me bring her inside," Dina said hurriedly. I came back to reality and realized she was only in her undergarments. Why? So I grabbed the small blanket, that was recently washed and hung outside, and wrapped it around her. While I was carrying her, she snuggled up to me and buried her face in my chest. I brought her to Dina's and Corey's room and laid her on the bed. "Go and bring clothes from your closet." I hurriedly went to my room and grabbed the first thing I saw in my closet, a white sweater and a basketball pant. Dina put on the clothes on the girl as I just stood by the doorway, examining her face (just her face guys, just her face). She was beautiful, her blonde hair falling on her face as she shiver and snuggle more into my sweater and the blankets around her. Cute. Corey came next to me and hugged my left leg. "She bootiful," she whispered up to me. I picked her up in my arms and chuckled as I looked at her, "You're more bootiful," I replied, smiling big. She returned with a big grin and a hug.

I bid Dina and Corey good night as I had to return back to work. I know Dina doesn't like the fact that I had to work full-time at the café, but I assured her that there wasn't a lot of work around anyway with just a few customers here and there and that I just serve coffee and clean tables. Yeah, I lied to her. She think I work at the café all day, but working at the warehouse for a few hours bring a little more money than working at the café. I don't want Dina to work full-time ever, with Corey in the picture, I want her to stay by Corey and just relax instead of worrying about money, like she did raising me up. I'm not going to lie, it is hard work, trying to juggle school works, part-time jobs after school, and "full-time jobs" on weekends. But, I still manage to get A's and B's at school while bringing money home. I'm not thinking about going to college, who needs to be confined in a room for another four years or so while having to pay for it, not me. I'd rather stay at home with my loves and work.

As I arrived at the warehouse, my boss instructed that I just had to sticker label the boxes and carry them to the corner of the warehouse for pickup tomorrow. While I did my job, my mind kept reeling back to the blonde girl. I've never seen her before in my 15 years of living around here. Maybe she wasn't from around here. She had pretty blonde hair, a cute nose, and... I stopped working, Why the heck was she only in her undergarment though?! Wait, why am I acting like this? Ugh I gotta work.


Words: 1302

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