"Meredith.." I whispered.

"What?" Scott asked me.

"Meredith." I said more clearly.

"What about her? She's dead Lacey.." Scott said, a sad look upon his face.

"No she's not." I said my eyes wide.

"What?" Malia said

"I can feel it."

"I don't get you and your head thing." Malia scoffed.

"Neither do I." I replied and sighed.

My phone rang and my head twinged with pain.

"You know we can probably talk to each other in our heads by this point."I explained to Lydia and she chuckled.

Rain began to pour down as Scott, Malia and I made our way towards the back of the school.

"Meredith is at the station." She said and I gave Scott an I told you so look.

"She's the benefactor."

My mouth dropped open.

"Meredith is the benefactor." I said and they all stopped.

"We have a bigger problem, Brett is in trouble."

"Gotta go." I hung up on Lydia and we followed Scott.

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