As we reach the club, we head directly to the bar. Jesse hand wrap around my waist the entire time. "What do you want to drink?."

"I don't drink."

Jesse nod and smirk appear on his face and I shake my head. Now I know he likes it when I don't drink. Thalia order Margarita and begin scanning the place for some hot guys. "Jesse do you dance?," Thalia ask.


She raise an eyebrow, not entirely convince by Jesse answer. I would have told Thalia to let it go, but I wasn't convince either."Really?," I ask this time.

"Yes really, now why don't we stop interrogating me."

I kiss his cheek,"Calm down."

(Play song)
Thalia's favorite music explode through the speaker and her eyes went wide. "We should dance!!," she squealed.

"Teenagers,"Jesse said shaking his head in the process. Thalia shot him a murder glare and he raise his hand in surrender. I chuckle at their childish behavior. "Let's go Mel, I know you like grinding when this song comes on."

"Excuse me?,"I look at her with wild eyes, By the look on Jesse eyes I think the feelings are mutual, "only you like Usher! Besides I don't dance."

Thalia roll her eyes, knowing she've been busted for lying. She grab my hand and pull me out to the dance floor. Leaving Jesse behind. I offer Jesse an awkward smile.
"You know how to dance!," she scream, "Please let's not waste this dance class we took."

"Please, you know how good we're."

"You are good, I'm not."

She roll her eyes,"Bullshit, loosen up a bit!"

My feet started moving to the beat. I think about it for a while, while my eyes move from Jesse to Thalia moving body. It looks tempting, but I don't want Jesse to know. Will you guys kill me if I tell you that I dance?
"Hell who gives a damn," I whisper to myself and I move by body. We learned this dance one year ago and I still remember every single movement. Thalia and I synchronize as we begin to move the dance floor to our beat. Suddenly the air in the room change as I see the crowd are making a circle around us. I wanted to stop, but I'm having too much fun. Thalia's smile widen and our move begin to be more wild and sexual. The crowd cheer and some boys whistle.
As we approach our last move towards the end of the song, we had around 3 other dancers busting some cool move.

"Baby I don't mind."

The crowd holler and claps and we both bow. "That was great!" Thalia scream.

"Yeah, it's been a while."

The crowd swallow us back, patting our back and indulging us into random conversation. I almost forgot about Jesse, when out of nowhere he approach me. My focus on his and the crowd suddenly feel like they are parting a way for Jesse. He pull up those damn sexy smirk and I smile shyly at him. He wrap his arm around my waist, as I lay my head on his chest. "I didn't know my lady can dance," he whisper, kissing my hair. "I hate the way those man looks at you, you better not dance while I'm not around." I chuckle as he sway my hips from side to side as we catch up with the beat of the song. I peck a trailing kisses down his jaw line to his neck, smelling his define scent,"Have you seen the way the ladies look at you?" I lay the side of my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as his vibrated laugh. Thalia is dancing with 2 men by her side, whipping her hair and swaying her hips. Watching her as I focus on Jesse as well, my eyes flicker to the man who looks like he's watching me for the longest time. I turn to Jesse but he is busy looking at the same man. I grew panic, " Jesse look at me."

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