Chapter1: Liam's Dark Night Rises

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Hi Everyone thanks for choosing to read my stories. Please keep in mind that these fanfictions are not related in any shape or form to the real band, band members, families, friends, girlfriends, or any of the affiliates. These stories are originally written by me as a method of art, and creativity so all my readers can enjoy. And as a big fan of 1D i love all of the boys & respect them as well equally. For all those PAYZER or Danielle fans please don't take my story to heart. I know Danielle's character will play a different role of who she really is. She is beautiful girl and I respect her so please don't think any different of her. Remember this is all a fan fiction :) 

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Every story im writing are different and vary in storylines. This one has more chapters im still writing.. and i have Zayn Malik's story coming up next in a few weeks ;) its bada$$. Just saying!

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Evetzie B. xxx

Author of Nobody Compares : A Liam Payne FanFic by Evetzie Berrios.


                                                                 Chapter1: Liam’s Dark Night Rises

              Liam sat with Louis as he sobbed brokenhearted after breaking his two years relationship with his now ex-girlfriend Danielle. He swore how he would never love again. His innocence and heart had been broken into pieces like shattered glass. He asked his band mate Louis to leave his side that he needed some alone time. Right after Louis left the room Liam shut the door right behind him locking it. As he walked toward his bathroom and opened up the cabinet drawer, he took out the electrical razor out. He brought it up to the front of his face as he stared at the interlocking blades with tears still streaming down his face. While with his other hand he just ran it through his gorgeous hair. Without hesitating he started to shave off all of his hair from his head from the middle front towards the end.

             From this moment forward he was never going to be the same old sweet Liam. Things were going to change and he was going to put himself first for once in his life. As all the pieces of hair fell to the floor so did the tears from off of his face. Love was not going to be his priority and he knew that with the help of his mates Zayn and Harry that was going to be really easy. After two hours passed the boys started to get really worried about him so they did what any real friends would do which was to check  up on him they knocked on the door but he wouldn’t answer so finally Louis worried yelled: “Liam open up the door mate. If you don’t I swear I’ll knock the doorknob off.” Niall added: “Come on man don’t do this to yourself”.

                      After a few minutes the door opened wide and Liam walked out. Everyone just looked at each other like what the hell had just happened with him, was he going out of his mind. Zayn’s jaw dropped to the floor as they were all surprisingly staring at Liam’s crazy decision of going baldheaded. Harry couldn’t resist but to say “What? Have you gone mad?”. Liam just shrugged his shoulder in agreement as his eyes showed off how deep he was hurting. The boys hurdle around him as they showed their support. He suggested that he wanted a makeover and that he wanted to have a new outlook in life. Zayn agreed and with his help he was going to transform Liam into a new person. As the next few days passed by fans started to notice his change in interviews and promotional works. He was now a little quieter, the shine in the gleam in his eyes had dawned, and his new look had shocked all of his fans. Danielle had taken away such a big part of Liam it was hard to imagine how he would get through it all.

               After a month of having broken up with Danielle, Liam was still being affected by the multiples comments and articles that were being written, made up, or said by the tabloids, media and the fans. The more articles, the more he tried to shut everyone out of his personal life, not trusting them a lot or letting anyone get to close in order to avoid getting hurt again. Yet he was going out every night, regardless if it was with the rest of the lads or with a new crowd. Now he was being photographed all over the city with a new lady friend by his side. Whether they were getting to close for comfort; if they were hooking up, working, or having a regular casual hangout with friends, he was starting to adopt Harry’s womanizing skills. Being linked from past ex-girlfriends, to his crush Leona Lewis, and other singers, he found himself in the middle of drama. Not only were his fans furious about future girlfriends stealing him away forever, but that he was going on a path of self destruction. With every new move he made he was starting to get random tattoos everywhere, which was never the case with him before. From tattooed quotes, to chevron patterned arrows, and etc everything just started to seem like a big red flag for everybody.

                   The lads tried to avoid bringing up Danielle in their conversations but they knew she was of too much of a factor to ignore. Though they tried to convince her to talk with Liam and resolve their problems, nothing seemed to bring them back together. What was done was done, and if they were meant to be then it would eventually find its way back. All Danielle did was refuse any of the boy’s phone calls and trash talk to her closest friends, personal things that from the start they were supposed to be personal between her and Liam. Even though Perrie and Eleanor were once best friends with Danielle, they seemed to dislike her new attitude towards Liam.  As Liam sat in his room all alone just overlooking his Twitter account, with no enthusiasm of replying to anyone, he would always check back on Danielle’s Twitter to see if she had anything new to say and because he still missed her. But this time he noticed she had blocked him from even viewing.

              He threw his Iphone across the room as he hit the door to his room while, Louis and Eleanor opened it to walk on in. “What the hell was that?” Louis asked as he chuckled and looked at the Iphone on the floor with Liam’s account still logged in. “Danielle blocked me, like seriously” he replied. “Okay this is ridiculous” Louis shook his head from side to side as he bent down and picked up the Iphone from the floor and threw it back to Liam who laid sitting in his bed with his legs crossed in front of him.” Okay so you are going to hate me but I don’t care. You got to start letting people in Liam, this isn’t you. What are you going to do if one day you meet someone special and you shut them out instead? Its not good for you Liam, trust me.” said Eleanor, Louis’s girlfriend. Liam analyzed the thought but instead he answered with “ I just can’t understand the why? I mean everything was going perfect. I had the best career, I had new friends, I had a complete new life, I wanted to start a family with the one who I thought was the love of my life, the one who I wanted to marry” Liam carried on as words came out of his mouth you could hear how hurt he was in it.  “But are you hearing yourself bro, nothing is perfect my friend, nothing. Yes everything seems as close as perfect but the sad truth is that it isn’t. I’m sorry I’m being so bloody honest like this, but I rather say it how it is than seeing you get so bloody tormented about it. Things happen people change, it’s just another lesson learned. It’s not easy but you need to move on. Maybe the thought of her being the one clouded up your mind, but the truth is you were only 19 when you started dating Dani and she was already a grown 24 year old woman. You need to live your life my friend and you need to live it now.” as Louis advice to Liam as the oldest one of the group he had the most knowledge after it all.











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