Chapter 10

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"Hey Ziver," Gibbs whispered slowly sitting in the grey chair that lingered by zivas bed. He lightly grabbed her hand.

"Gibbs?" She softly whispered, her eyes fluttering open. Her brown eyes looked at Gibbs' then settled on the other figure in the room. "McGee,"

McGee smiled and stood on the opposite side of the bed.

"Wheres Tony?" She asked now more frantically.

"Easy," Gibbs started, hearing her heart rate increase rabidly. "He is still in surgery,"

Ziva looked down. "What about the baby?"

"It is going to be fine." McGee said. "The doctor gave you a medication to hold off on the labor until you get stronger and Tony gets out of surgery," Gibbs explained tenderly.

"What happened? I mean, all I remember is that Tonys apartment was destroyed from a machine gun, then he was shot in the shoulder trying to shield me from the flying glass and bullets, and me going into labor, then you guys arriving and taking both of us in an ambulance." Ziva rambled.

"Yes, we were trailing right behind you guys," McGee said softly. "Then, out of nowhere, a black charger sped into the side of your ambulance sending it tumbling over the nearby cliff,"

"Tumbling?" Ziva asked shocked, she sat up wanting to hear the rest of the story of what happened.

"Yes, tumbling," Gibbs mumbled reliving the traumatic sight of his family tumble to their deaths.

"Oh." Ziva paused, picking her next words carefully, not wanting to hurt her ex-team. "And we both survived?"

"Yes," Gibbs answered.

Ziva faintly smiled still trying to comprehend what happened to her in the first few weeks of her being back in the states.

"Umm, Gibbs, I think abby wants her turn," McGee laughed holding up his Iphone 5s.

There were 20 unread text messages from Abby, snd she was still sending them.

"Yea, see ya later Ziver," Gibbs whispered kissing her temple. Ziva shut her eyes at his touch.

"Bye Ziva," McGee said squeezing her hand once more then following his boss outside the dark room.

"GIBBS! GIBBS! GIBBS!!!" Abby lightly yelled when Gibbs and McGee arrived back to where the rest of the team was.

"Ok ok Abby," Gibbs said scanning the room, Bishop has now arrived and is on her phone, taking to either Jack or someone about the case.

"Can I go back now? Please? Please? Please!?" Abby asked like a little girl in a candy store. Her dark eyes were big and begging.

"Sure, shes awake and fine, but worried," Gibbs said walking back to his seat next to the director.

"Ducky, you can go back if you want to." Gibbs told his friend. Dr. Mallards face lit up.

"Of course!" Ducky smiled and followed an excited Abby down the tight bright hallway.

"Family of Anthony DiNozzo?" A nurse asked hesitantly stepping out of the grey double doors.

"Yes?" leon said stepping toward the nurse, Gibbs and McGee following.

"There were some...." The nurse started, "Complications in his surgery."

The room went silent.

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