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In January 2011, I decided to give this "Wattpad thing" a try, and began uploading a book that I was writing specifically for all of you. It was called LIFE'S A WITCH, and it was about a teenage girl who's not only a witch (I like to call them twitches!), but also a descendant of the first person murdered during The Salem Witch Trials. The book had magic, romance, action, darkness, cute boys, kick-ass girls and the ultimate bad guy...

Within a year of posting it, you made it one of the most-read books here on Wattpad!

AND, that's not all you did! Due to your overwhelming love and support, the publishing world took notice, and I scored a 3-book deal with Simon & Schuster! It is my biggest dream come true to finally get my books published, and I know that you have all been a huge part in that.

The first book in the series (a prequel/spin-off of LAW), called WHAT THE SPELL? will be available to buy in bookstores everywhere on January 29, 2013! And as a thank you for being so awesome, and to get you excited about the release of WTS?, here's a sneak peek of the book. If you like what you read, please help support the book by buying it! Remember, the better us published authors on Wattpad do, the more likely more of you will be discovered on here!

Happy reading!




TO BUY YOUR COPY OF WHAT THE SPELL?: You can order the book online through sellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble or in bookstores everywhere! Also available in e-book form!

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