Coming Home

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Finally getting home from a long flight, I park my car into the driveway and look up at the apartments, knowing my man was waiting for me. His name was Mark, commonly known on YouTube as Markiplier, and he was all mine.

I made my way up to our apartment, thinking about what he could be doing. Maybe he's finishing up some lost recording. Maybe he's playing a game for fun. Maybe he's finally getting the rest he needs.

I finally reach our apartment number, and pull out my keys from the front pocket of my sweater....well...his sweater, actually.
The grey one with the red around the hood. I kind of stole it this morning while he was sleeping. Anyways!...soft...

I unlocked the door with the keys and walked in. I could've sworn I heard a low grunt before closing the door behind me, but perhaps I was just hearing things.

"Babe!" I called out, hearing the rough sounds of feet run down the swirly stairs. Mark practically jumps off the last flight of stairs and rushes to me, almost slamming me against the wall in a strong hug. I laugh at his force and hug him back. He's like a puppy when I'm gone for too long.

"You said you'd be gone for only 2 days!" He dug his face into my neck and spoke in a higher tone. "It's been 3! 3!"
"Babe!" I chuckled, feeling his strong arms rub my back slowly. I tried to ignore the sexual tension he was attempting to build. He was always such a tease, although I loved playing his games just to lose to them. His teasing was so sexy.

He took a step back and looked into my (E/C) eyes, whispering to me "I missed you, baby..."
I smiled softly, looking back into his brown eyes. "I missed you too. What did you do while I was gone?"
He shrugged. "Recorded. Showered. Ate." He dropped his voice back to normal. "I did what I normally do, but this time I didn't have someone to cuddle with at night..."

Right. Cuddle. That's basically sex in his language.

Speaking of which. I guess I should mention Mark is only in his socks and boxers for some reason. I looked down and saw that there was a bigger bulge then usual, then I looked back up into his eyes, raising a brow.
"What were you doing before I opened the door?" I asked him, squinting slightly.
"Nothing..." He replied, occasionally darting his eyes to the left or the right.

"What were you doing, Mark?"
"I was in the shower"
"Your hair isn't wet"
"I dried it"
"You're hard, Mark"
He looked down. "Th-that's normal for showering."
"We shower together all of the time. You never get a--"
"Okay fine!" He exclaimed. "I was upstairs...t-taking care of things."

My eyes widened. That's why I heard the grunting before. He missed me that much?
"Is that why I heard grunting?" I asked, pointing my thumb at the stairs. He nodded, smirking at me.
"D-did you at least finish?" I asked again. He shook his head at me, gazing into my eyes.
I thought for a moment. This was the perfect opportunity to tease him for the first time.

I patted his 'package' through his boxers and shrugged. "Oh well! Maybe next time!"
He practically jumped when I patted him like that, and watched me wide eyed as I ran up the stairs to put my stuff away.

Later that night, Mark was in his recording room, rambling about how some game wasn't good with the controls or something. Probably complaining about Fatal Frame II again. He's so adorable. I was resting in our rooms on my laptop Mark had bought me for my birthday. After a while, he came up the stairs, into our room and shut the door behind him. He must've taken his shirt off downstairs.

Mark let out an exhausted exhale and plopped onto the bed, laying on his stomach. I chuckled and pet the back of his head, feeling his smooth black hair run in between my fingers.
"You okay, baby?" I asked him. He grunted in response, making me giggle. He's such a boy sometimes.
"Frustrated?" I asked again, still petting him. He nodded slightly, sitting up. "That's impossible" He turned to me, then dropped his head down.
"But you beat it at least" I patted his shoulder. He smiled at me. "Yeah. I'm so good at games!"
"Since when have you not been?" I joked.
"Well" he purred, leaning close to me. "I lost one game today, and I want a rematch..."
"Oh?" I teased. "And what game is that?"
He shot me a sexy smile, then dug his face into my neck and whispered into my ear in a deep, sexual voice.

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