thirty four

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I'm back! Sorry for the wait, life happened. Btw, I'll try and update every 1-2 weeks, just letting you know (Sorry about the distance between updates, I'll try to do more but yeah)


So, Sam took a hold of his small shiny dagger, and let fly at the chandelier above the two boys' heads.

... Where it flew through one of the gem strings, effectively tearing it off and pinning it to the wall.

This was for a multitude of reasons: it let the other guards know that "something aboutta get spicy" (according to Quackity), and that he was purposely gone from his post. A small technique like this was simple, yet effective, and had actually saved the royals life once before.

Now realising that a heavy chandelier was not in fact going to fall on them, the Prince and the blacksmith regained their posture, eying the guard wearily.

"Follow me," the knight spoke, turning on his heel and making his way through the grand doors, and into the mini foyer beyond.

A gasp tore itself from Dream's throat, as he took in the room with wonder - despite having been inside the castle on many an occasion, the blonde had never been through these doors. to be fair, he had never really left the bedroom wing.

Ranboo, on the other hand, just sighed at the expanse of familial paintings, rich tapestries and old weapons that lined the walls; not to be of distaste, the Prince never uttered a word against them. However, it was tacky as shit, to put it lightly.

One of them drew the brunettes attention: a crown, gold and polished, shined from its place on a black and white pillow. The pillow itself was simple in design, black velvet of the finest quality with white stitching. Yet the crown... Oh the crown. Gold, a rarity even for the Royals, considering it was unusual a shape so large would be made of such a material. Around the perimeter, green and red gems glistened, catching the light that filtered through an open window.

It was a new addition to the royals crown collection, having recently been discovered in one of the many attics. Apparently, a box barely larger than itself and made out of rotting pine had housed it.

Slowly, Ranboo turned back to the guard in front, dressed in all green as he clanged his way through the foyer, strides wide and purposeful. To his left, and slightly behind him, strode Dream, who's grubby hoodie swished as he walked. The sleeves of the lime clothing had been pushed past his elbows, revealing a multitude of scars and burns, most likely from the hot metal he encountered almost daily.

Dream, on the other hand, was letting his eyes roam the room. The flagstone floor echoed as he taressed it, fixated on the engraved names there. Then, his green orbs were on the paintings, one of which had a young George captured inside.

Soon, the next set of doors swung open, revealing a new room. This one was tiny, dark and cramped, with only two people inside.

Here stood two more soldiers, knives already drawn at the trio. Upon seeing Sam, they hastily shoved the blades away, resuming the position they once had held.

"I wish to speak with the King and Queen," the top guard stated, meeting each soldier's eye in turn.

"They're actually busy right now -"

"No. Let me in now, I'll take whatever punishment they give." Sam replied, already predicting the lecture that was possible to follow: "don't go disturbing them, that's how you lose you're job, quickly."

But Sam didn't care, for the safety of the crown Prince was the most important right now. Plus, wasn't his job to protect him? What good would a top guard be if he wasn't willing to get his hands a little dirty, ruling his job to save a young life.

Sam knew the pain of losing a brother young, and therefore wasn't going to let it happen to Prince Ranboo too.

"R-right away sir. Please, be careful."

The oaken door swung open. Behind the magnificent pass, an even greater room lay.

The King and Queens chambers.


"What's taking him so long?" The tall blonde groaned, laying flat against the prince's bed. Tommy stretched his arms upwards, before bringing them to a rest on his heart. Steadily, he felt his heartbeat pulse, easily done through the thin fabric of his shirt.

"He can't rush it, dimwit, chill your boots!" Tubbo's unusually cheery voice echoed, strangely close to him.

The blonde jumped and looked to the right side, but saw no Tubbo. Then he turned to the left, but that yielded the same results. Tommy knew he wasn't above, but that left...

"Tubbo, are you under the bed?" Tommy questioned incredulously. A look of disbelief flashed across his features.

"Yep! Oh look, a spider~" He cooed, shuffling around.

"Oh hell no!" The taller yelped - in a very masculine way, may he add - and scrambled to keep his limbs firmly on top of the bed. Previously, one foot had been hanging off, but that simply wouldn't do in his predicament.

"Tommy~" Tubbo's teasing voice came, and he scooted out from under the bed, something clutched in his grasp.

"Don't come closer!" Tommy quickly leaped to his feet, swiftly retreating against the wall, hands ready to fight.

And then, he was backed into a corner.

The brunette, on the other hand, raised his closed fist, before chucking whatever was inside at the boy. Tommy screamed, and covered his face. Yet, he felt nothing land.

"Tubbo, you little shit."

"Oops!" he shrugged innocently, going to steal Tommy's old place on the bed. The blonde quickly followed, sitting on the other side of the bed. There, he sat and thought, which was always a dangerous thing to do.



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