Chapter 15

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The horses stayed in the pastures all night. It's Sunday today. We are taking all of the horses to Hunter Creek right now. We first loaded Missy, Candy Girl, Buddy, and Tucker into our four horse trailer. We are putting Cowboy and Fiona in our two horse trailer. Cowboy was really hard to load, but we were able to coax him in with lots of treats. Mom is hauling the four horse trailer and Dad is hauling the two horse trailer.

Heather stayed the night again on Saturday. We are sitting together in my Dad's truck. After about 15 minutes, we reached Hunter Creek. Heather's mom, Carole, showed us to the stalls that the horses would be in. It was a big row of empty stalls. There were a few horses at the end of the row of stalls. Cloud was one of the horses, and Heather and I agreed to put Cowboy next to Cloud.

We went back outside to unload the horses. We unloaded all of them and tied Cowboy and Fiona to the trailer so we could come back for them. We lead Buddy, Tucker, Candy Girl, and Missy to their stalls. Then Heather and I went back to Cowboy and Fiona and we put them in their stalls.

Cowboy was next to Buddy and Cloud. Cloud and Cowboy seemed to really like each other. It was so sweet! I was glad Cowboy was making a friend. The only horse he seemed to take an interest in was Buddy. Otherwise, he just ignores the other horses.

"Hey, want to go for a ride? Since Cowboy just got here, and he and Cloud are getting along, we could ride Rose and Reese,"Heather suggests. "That sounds like a perfect plan!" I said.

We walked down a few isles until we reached Rose and Reese's stalls. They were right next to each other. Rose is a bay roan quarter horse, and Reese is a bay Hanoverian. Reese's show name is Reese's Peanut Butter Cup because the color of his coat looks like chocolate and peanut butter, but his barn name is Reese.

We put them in cross ties, and brushed them until they shined. Both of them were shedding, so that means spring is coming soon! We got their tack, and tacked them up. Once they were all tacked up, we lead them to the large outdoor arena and warmed them up.

I've ridden Rose before. She's really sweet and always listens to all of my commands. She is really fun to jump! I hope we do some jumping. The footing in the arena is good, and there's nobody else riding, so I don't see why not. "Hey, want to go over some jumps?" Heather asked. "You read my mind," I replied. We dismounted and set up a short course of five jumps; two cross rails, two small verticals, and one oxer. We warmed them up by jumping over the cross rails, and when they were warmed up, we decided to do the full course.

"You go first Heather," I said. "Okay," she replied. She trotted Reese up to the first cross rail, and they cleared it perfectly. She cantered to the next jump, a small vertical, and they soared over it. They continued to easily hop over each jump, and when they finally got to the last jump, the oxer, and they jumped over the spread nicely. She trotted back over with a smile on her face. "Nice job, you two were perfect!" I said. "Thanks, it felt like a good round," she said. "Your turn," she told me. "Okay, here we go," I said.

We trotted up to the first cross rail, and easily hopped over it. We cantered to the next jump, and we soared over it. When Rose jumps, it feels like flying! We jumped over the next two jumps easily, and then we reached the oxer, and I let her go a little bit faster so she would be able to have enough power to get over the spread. Three, two, one, and up! We flew over the jump with inches to spare. We trotted back to Heather, and I couldn't contain my grin.

"That was awesome!" Heather exclaimed. "I wish you could join our 4-H club, you would be so good!"she said. "I know, I'm working on it," I said. "Well, we are having a schooling show next month, in the beginning of April. You could ask your mom and see if you could do that with one of your horses," Heather said. "Really? Why didn't you tell me earlier?" I asked. "I didn't know about it. I would've told you as soon as I knew. It's kind of last minute though, so I don't know how many people will be there," she said. "Cool, I'll ask," I said. I really hope Mom will think it's a good idea. "What type of show is it?" I asked. "A schooling show for dressage," she said. "Are you doing it?" "Yeah, I really hope you can come!" "Me too" I said.

We cooled the horses out, and then brushed them and put them in the pastures. All of our horses are going to stay inside today since they were out all night and so they can also settle in. They are going to be here a while. It sounds like the barn is going to take about a month and a half to fix. Oh well, at least Heather and I get to ride together everyday!

For the rest of the day, Heather and I hung out and helped with chores. When it was about 8:30 p.m., we went home. When we got home, I took a shower, did the rest of my homework, and read my book. When I went to bed, I fell asleep easily, content knowing that the horses were in good hands at Hunter Creek.

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