Dear Angel

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Dear Angel, 

I'm leaving 

I'm never coming back 

For I will die soon 

I'm tired of living 

Tired of the people 

In a world so cruel 

Sweet death comes for me 

To end this pain 

So I can be at peace 

I don't fell bad about it 

So don't shed tears for me 

Close your eyes and go to bed 

Tomorrow I won't be here 

Don't cry 

Forget about me 

I was just another lie 

Like when I said I'd always be there 

Yeah that was a big lie 

You can still move on 

Without me you'll go far 

And your life will get better 

So lay down 

Rest your weary eyes 

And go to sleep 

I know I betrayed you 

But let me sing to you 

Until you close your eyes 

I know it won't help much 

But I'm sorry 

Sorry I couldn't be a perfect angel like you 

Have lovely dreams tonight 

And for many nights more 

Now sweet thing its time for farewell 

Goodbye my love 

Sorry to say that this is forever 

With love, 

Your little devil 

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