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Hello Everyone , its me Tammydesire !

I am a teenger and i don't have that much experience in writing. I am writing because i enjoy writing . If their is any mistake or suggestions you want to give feel free to tell me .
If you have readed this book before than you can quit right now! I am just writing it here as a sidneet fanfic and for those who are not able to read the book before !  Its a fanfiction , it have no connection with real life people or places ! All the credit of this book's story goes to the real author of this book . Its the writer's hardwork and imagination , i highly appericiate it . if you want to read the real book , you can ask the name from me in DM  !
This is fanfic of sidneet on the fantasy book of light novel written by the author ashkn . All credit goes to the author .
So I request you all to not do hate comments . 
Thank you !!

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