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Chapter Six

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Rosalyn- Age 16

Gil “Raven”- Age 23

~Gilbert’s POV~

                Break wanted to keep Rosalyn close after her forging a contract with the Bloody Knight and so when she wasn’t at school she stayed with me in Leverru and on occasion got to accompany me on assignments. I didn’t like her being so close to danger, but her stupid chain was a powerful one and a good one to have around when things got out of hand. Break insisted I tell him if her seal moved anymore so I made her swear she would tell me.

                “When is Rosalyn coming back?” Luce groaned as he sprawled out across my couch dramatically. Rosalyn was currently at school finishing up some last minute exams before her winter break, meaning I was stuck with the stupid chain.

                “Two days.” I grumbled back as I sat at the table trying to resist the urge to throttle the stupid chain, whenever Rosalyn wasn’t around, all he did was whine and gripe.

                “I can’t believe I have to be stuck with the most useless of servants.” Luce sighed in a bored manner.

                “Do you think I like being stuck with you, stupid chain?” I growled.

                One of the cupboard doors in the kitchen flew open and Xerxes popped out with an eerie smile, “Good evening.” He beamed.

                “When will you learn to use the door?” Luce glared.

                “Oh.” Break looked slightly taken aback, “I guess you don’t want this mission.” He sighed dramatically as he made an attempt to tuck the folder behind his back, “I’m sure Rosalyn can handle it alone, though she’s completely unaware. I’m sure she’ll be fine.” He shrugged and turned to head back into the cupboard.

                “Rosalyn is in trouble?” Luce leapt to his feet.

                “Is she really in trouble Break?” I sighed wondering if this was some stupid ploy of his. He seemed to care about Rosalyn, which I found a bit odd. Break was the kind of man who only did something for his benefit and though he kept reminding me it was because of Rosalyn’s lineage, I felt like there was something more, something deeper behind it all. If Rosalyn were truly in danger, I know he’d be worried.

                “I wouldn’t know, she figured out I’d marked one of her classmates so I could watch her and broke the spell.” He smiled uneasily. So, he was worried.

                “Then what the hell are we waiting for?” Luce snarled. “To the cupboard!”

                “We’re not traveling through a cupboard.” I sighed.

                Luce and Break simultaneously grabbed one of my wrists and dragged me into the cupboard. It was surprisingly spacious inside.

                “Odd, I thought I mentioned the urgency of the situation.” Break grumbled in annoyance. He was really worried. How much danger was Rosalyn in? What could she do without Luce by her side?

                After a few moments of absolutely nothing happening I glared over at Break, “If it’s that urgent why are we just sitting in a cupboard?”

                Break nudged open the door and the three of us were hurled out of the pitch black cupboard and onto the cold hard ground. We were on Lutwidge Academy campus grounds. The grounds were blanketed in darkness and vacant, most of the students had already returned to their homes for the winter break only a few in the advanced placement classes remained for further exams. It must have been later than I had thought all the lights in the dorm rooms were off. Too late even for cramming.

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