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Chapter 1

I hate going to a new school, especially when the year already started. I mean. Come on, it's already hard for me. I don't need this too, you know.

V.P. High School parking lot was filled with old cars and people rushing to get to where they want to be.

It felt like everybody was starring at us, I felt my heart beat pounding against my ribcage as I sunk in the passenger seat trying to melt into it so that I didn't have to leave the truck.

"Cloe, it's going to be okay. It's not like you haven't done this before," Ashley said as she parked in a blue-handicap-parking space or as I like to call it "VIPP" translated: Very Important Person's Parking.

"Oh, yeah? Well, people don't look at you and see you as "That one chick in the wheelchair" Who, do to rumors they hear, doesn't talk or walk on they're own. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if thought you change me like I'm a baby or some shit like that." I fired back flipping my hair out of my eyes as I look out the window again.

I just hate new schools. That means I have to start all over. I mean yeah I decided to move in with my mom but where she used to live I'd be able to go to my old school. Why couldn't my mom wait to get married and move in with her so-call-husband until after I graduate. It would have been easier for Joey, Ashley, and especially me.

I saw Ashley giving me a dirty look in the corner of my eye as she said, "I don't they think that Cloe," she smiled "Plus, they can't stop looking at you because you're the hottest thing they've seen in their tedious lives!!!" she slapped my leg and laughed. "Besides, you decided to move in with dad in the first place."

I looked at Ashley. I wish I looked like her, with her dark brown hair that shapes her face perfectly, and her high cheekbone, long legs that very guy drools over and very girl wants. Ashley as blue eyes like all of us kids. We got it from dad.

I looked at my reflection in the window. I'm 5'2, dyed redish-brown hair that comes down to my chest. I also wear glasses on my rounded face. I have a "twisted" body. If you'd like to call it that.

My right side is my bad side. My whole right side: my knee, hip, and foot turns inward causing me to lean to the right sometimes. The best part of my disabled body is my "dino hand", my "lucky fin", or my right hand. You know when you play tetris you try to get the "L" looking piece to fit? Well it looks like that with the little piece turning downward,

I reached over with my left hand to open the door. When the little step slid out from the side of the truck I grabbed the safety handle and got down from the seat and that's when I saw him.

He had sandy brown hair. It was short but kind of shaggy. He was wearing a dark blue T-shirt that had a skull on it, with light-blue-wore-out-holy jeans that fit perfectly around his skinny waist and he was getting out of the driver side of a blazer.

I quickly looked away before anyone saw me starring at him.

Quickly shutting my door I started for my wheelchair. That was at the back of the truck.

Next thing I know I'm wet and on the ground, face first.

"Oh my God!!! Cloe, are you okay?" I could hear Ashley freaking out above me.

I rolled over so I could get up off the nasty wet ground. Ashley tried helping a little.

That was embarrassing. I could hear people laughing at me.

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