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I ran into my school and saw him. I was so nervous i didn't know how he was going to respond. I started to walk towards him to give him my letter. Ya i'm giving the guy i like a love letter. Chessy i know. Right before i was going to approch him i hear his friend Nick talking to him. So, i stood there and listened.

"So , have you seen Nevaeh lately? I think she likes you and hey she is hot to.", Nick said.

OMG, they are talking about me!! Ya i know my name is weird to hey my parents loved me from the start and since they were lucky enough to have me they named me heaven but spelled it backwards.

"Ya i have but im not that into her i just see her as a friend and everything and i dont think she likes me that way", Damon said.

My heart sunk. I couldnt believe i was about to confess to him. To Damon, my best friend, the schools top student and football teams star quaterback. Every girl wanted him. I mean who wouldnt he is 6 foot 1, black hair and sea blue eyes. He also has money i mean his dad is a lawyer and most celebrities had him and his mom was a fashion designer with my mom. We have been friends since we were 7. I put the letter in my purse and turned the corner seeing Nick and Damon. THis is how it's suppose to be. Nothing more.

I walked over to Damon and gave him a hug. He hugged me back and casually slug his arm around my shoulders. We have always been really close and i guess i didnt want to ruin it.

"Hey guys whats up?", i asked.

"Eh not much but may i say you look sexy today Nevaeh.", Nick said.

I laughed i was wearing a short black skirt and a deep blue v-neck shirt that showed a little clevage but not enough to be called a whore. My long brown hair, maching my chocolate colored eyes, was down and wavy with a few curls and i had flip flops on. I was in nice shape i mean i had to keep up with Damon. I Had a nice figure to nice firm kinda big butt, and and very nice size bust.

"Thanks Nick you dont look bad yourself.", i said.

Nick was good looking i guess. He had sand colored hair that was a little long like Damons and was in nice shape. He also had green colored eyes.

"So, Nevaeh what brings you over here" Damon asked.

"Is it bad wanting to see my boys once in awhile at school?", giving him my puppy dog face.

"Please dont give me that look!!! I wont fall for it. i wont, i wont...Awww im sorry i didnt mean anything by it."

"Haha you feel for it and its ok but now im going to go.", i said making my leave i swing my hips a little more than i should.

"Damn," i heard both of them say, oh ya i think i will be a little more flirty than i usually am. Hmm...this calls for shopping with the one person i know who can help me tease them. My best friend Morgan.


Hey people so waht ya think so far i no im not really good at this i am just experimenting and its my first story i hope u like it!!! Plz comment and tell me wat u think and dont hold back.

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