(11) Dec 24, 2019 - My Subconscious Mind

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My wife was present during this channeling. This was the first time that I channeled with another person present.  I took a bit of a break from channeling after our meditation retreat.


12/24/19, Tuesday, 8 pm

Channeling #11 - Joshua with M (first time) - How the Subconscious Mind Works


JOSHUA: Hello Alan. And hello, M. I am here. I am Joshua. I am very excited to be here in this first shared meeting that we are having -- shared channeling of your higher, inner, deeper self, the self that is connected to the deeper reality of existence.

It's a little bit rough coming in right now because Alan's kind of nervous. But we're confident that he'll be able to do this.

I guess, because this is a shared experience with someone else, we will start by being polite and asking if M has any questions for us.

M: Not yet.

JOSHUA: Okay. Thank you.



So, this is a different experience for Alan. Normally, when we deliver a message, we are tapping into his Self, his Subconscious Self.

"Subconscious" is an interesting idea. When we talk about the subconscious, what we are talking about is a part of your mind, your thoughts, and beliefs, that you do not want to directly experience. For something to be subconscious is actually an intentional decision by the person to place a belief, thought, or knowledge, in the subconscious. In truth, everything can be conscious for an individual in this 3rd Dimensional reality that you are experiencing in this life.

Any person can have total access to their subconscious. But they choose not to do that. And they choose not to do that for many reasons.

It starts when the baby, and the young child, is taught by its parents. Often, this is unintentional as the parents are modeling their behavior. Certain things are taught to be acceptable, and certain things are not acceptable. Certain experiences and aspects in this physical, 3rd Dimensional reality are socially okay and accepted. Other things are suppressed and not allowed to be perceived.

And so, the young infant, the young child, learns that those things that are not allowed and should not be acknowledged. They are put into this category, into this box of the subconscious, because that is the easiest way to deal with it.

We are reminded of a story that you recently heard of a young child seeing a man in his parent's bedroom who the parent could not see. Those kinds of experiences are very common with young children. They do see things that are part of this 3rd Dimensional reality that other people do not see. Or, rather, other people have suppressed them and put them into that subconscious box. They intentionally blind themselves to those types of experiences.

And that is what the subconscious mostly is. It is the blocking off of certain things. Because that is what those of you born into this 3rd Dimensional reality have done. It is part of the "entering" process -- that process of entering 3rd Dimensional reality. And then learning how to work in this 3rd Dimensional reality.



For the small child, this is all very intentional. They know (and you and everyone knows) that this is going to happen before they are born -- that they are going to go through this experience. And they, and all beings in this 3rd Dimensional reality, choose to set themselves up when they are born because they want to learn something. They have a goal in mind for being born into this reality. And so, they set up certain challenges for themselves.

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